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New Thoughts - Power Stocks

After reading this post on Net-Net Hunter, it highlights that value investing is a waiting game. You will need to wait for "someone" or "BB" (Big Boys) to realise its potential. That is also why value investor is always looking at the long term and require some form of return (eg, dividend) while they wait.  In addition, I have read something else in Investing Mantras as well as this under The Moltey Fool - It suggested Warren Buffet advised us to "Invest in Great companies at fair value rather than fair companies at bargain value". After Hock Lian Seng rises to 0.40+ recently (I sold at 0.29 in June 2013), I realise I may need to enhance my approach to find "power stocks" instead of just value stocks. Thus I decided to amend my approach a bit... Additional to my current approach:  (1)10 years analysis of Net Profit Margin (2)10 years analysis of Return Of Assets  (3)10 years analysis of Return Of Equity If th

ISDN (Part 2)

After releasing this post on Sin Ghee Huat  & ISDN on Thursday, the price shot up 1.92% and 7.32% respectively on Friday. I cannot help but hope it is because of what I wrote (although its almost impossible). Nevertheless I do like to give you a word of caution. Please still do your own due diligence and invest in the stock only when you feel "right". Do not follow blindly! As for my recommendation, I know some people have doubts about ISDN. After reading the annual report released on 7 April, I like to "correct" and update the following information on ISDN: 1. Sorry on the wrong information previously - ISDN did not change its business. They just add a new revenue channel as per the annual report! 2. There will be a Dividend of 0.4 cents per share (As calculated in the post previously, dividend yield of only 1.95%.) 3. They are in high tech farming as well. Interesting. 4. They MAYBE moving into Myanmar. Its not confirm yet. Do

A Review of two extreme: Sin Ghee Huat Corporation & ISDN

After reading this post  from ValueEdge, it prompt me to write about this 2 stocks of mine. One - an old school value stock. The other - an established business changing its main focus. Sin Ghee Huat Corporation Ltd This is the old school value stock. The company do not have any exciting business - as per SGX - "...engages in the sale and distribution of stainless steel products primarily in Singapore, ASEAN, China, Australia, New Zealand, India, South America, and the Middle East." But its ratios show lots of potential (Current Price: 0.260) Net Current Assets Value: 0.330 per share (26% higher than its current price!) Price to Sale: 0.91 (<1.5) Dividend Yield: 5.77% Debt to Equity: ZERO! Price to Average 10 year Earnings: 7.85 (<10) No Rights Issue EVER! Dividend every year! Pure Play! What's more to ask for? People may argue that this company is a stockist and they are normally a slave to the price of its product. If i