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Let's Talk EP2: OTS Holdings Released Their FY21 Full Year Results

Please read till the end for a SPECIAL SURPRISE! Since the last article as of 15 Jun 21, OTS has released its full year result. SAC Capital has subsequently provided a “Buy” rating on them with a price target of 40 cents (SAC Target, not mine) as per article . As quoted in the article, these are the interesting pointers that I like to highlight: “…Earnings excluding IPO expenses would have been 13.9% higher y-o-y at $4.0 million. Revenue for the period was 11.5% higher at $38.5 million…” “… OTS made inroads into Malaysian foodservice sector in early 2020 before Covid-19 hit. It plans to commence sales in the Philippines in Nov 2021 to take on competitor brand SPAM. In Indonesia, it has a 50:50 JV with Salim Group to produce and sell processed meat products…” Furthermore, I will like to add the following 2 points: 1. Many investors tend to miss this – but if we look at the cashflow generated from the operating activities, it is a significant increase of over 300%! This is mainly due to