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An Interview With "Simple Investor SG"

For this month interview, I will be interviewing "Simple Investor". He is the owner of the Simple Investor SG website, which provides the " Full Analysis V14 ". We actually knew each other when he came to my Sharing Session last year. But our friendship only developed when we found each other on the InvestingNote platform again early this year. His investing style was more directed towards growth counters with a business edge, while I am influenced more by value investing and contrarian thoughts. Despite us continuing to agree to disagree on many aspects of our individual investing methods, but he was the one that told me to " Invest in ideas you believe in the most ". He was also the one whom help me realised that NikkoAM-StraitsTrading Asia ex Japan REIT ETF is itself a diversification mechanism. This made me realise that, as investors, we should be open minded and be ready to hear what others has to say. You will never know when a conversa

My 10% Portfolio - Changes After 2 Quarters

It has been almost 2 quarters and the time has come again to review my 10% portfolio again. Before I go straight into the counters in my portfolio, it is important to note and emphasize on the following: 1. This portfolio review is calculated from the start of the year and the aim is to review the total portfolio gain after 1 year. 2. Some of the counter's initial share prices are their respective share prices at the start of this year (Especially those counters in this post ) . 3. The gain and loss stated is just a simple calculation of the difference in share prices, ignoring the transaction fees. 4. At times, if stated, the gain could be including dividends. 5. This review will include my overseas counters in USA and Hong Kong . These are the updates to my 10% Portfolio : As per Previous Post Current Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Singapore Telecommunications Limited

Random Thoughts In My Mind

As an investor, you will always run into many thoughts that will influence you and make you think much more. So these are the thoughts I had over the length of this week... Concentration vs Diversification It has been rather dull lately while waiting for Fed to announce the increase in interest rate. Regardless, the Stocks in Singapore did not move much. Rather, it seems that the US market is beginning to be on a downtrend. Nevertheless, my mind is quite focus on reducing the number of counters in my portfolio and increasing my warchest. One of the reason was that I met a friend recently (he is a very good investor and he will be in the upcoming interview series) and he commented his belief to me - "Invest in ideas you believe in the most".  Despite disagreeing with the concentration in his portfolio, his words did influence me. It made me think a lot about each of the counter in my portfolio. In addition, I also felt my portfolio was too diversified and this did

Investing in Hong Kong Listed Firms

Many of you will have heard about my reluctance of investing in S-chips. Thus, my investment into Hong Kong Listed Firms will most probably have shocked you, since many of the Hong Kong Listed Firms are located or have affiliations in China. Do read this post to understand the initial reasons I invest in US and Hong Kong counters. In addition to the reasons in the post, another factor is my work. My current work requires me to understand the culture of China companies and the China companies financial. Through the process of learning, I understand why there are so many scandals with regards to Listed China Firms (such as those in Hongkong and Singapore) . One of the reasons is the China invoicing/receipt system. Every invoice is tracked by the government centralized system, so that it can track back and tally with the company's tax submission. To get around this system, companies may have another "system" for cash and carry items. These items may not have been re

Technical Analysis - My Point Of View

I bet you have heard me saying, "I know nuts about TA (aka Technical Analysis)". I also don't know what pink line, blue line and purple line is about. I also don't understand how drawing a cup can help me with the trade. And this is the craziest, how does a dragonfly help to trade? But I do feel I know something about technical analysis and that is "Support". This is not done by drawing any lines on the chart. But this done by using your eyes! In my smartphone, I have this app where I watchlist over 40 counters. Every day I scroll through the app and look at the 40+ counters. After a while, you will realise, for every counter that "is liquid enough", it will have a support price. Certain counters will hardly fall below a certain share price, unless events such as consistent bad quarterly results or negative news broadcast about the counter, becomes public news. Thus, in my opinion, this will be the "Support&quo

This Comeback Kid Rises 20%!

Over the last 2 days, the market seem to have become "happier". But at the back of my mind, I am always having a cautious view - "Expect the Unexpected". Do note that "Comeback Kid" is a nickname that I give to a counter that I had divested completely, and re-purchased at a later date. The previous "Comeback Kid" was Singhaiyi Group Ltd, which I had written in the previous post . For this post, the "Comeback Kid" is  TTJ Holding Ltd   (aka TTJ) . I really regretted selling this counter.  My actions were largely influenced by the "noises" after TTJ announced its 2016 full year results.  At that time, TTJ order book reduced significantly to about $50+ million and there was not much direction indicated about the company's future direction in the quarterly reports.  Furthermore, as the CEO holds about 85% of the shares of this counter, there were "noises" that the CEO will most probably &qu