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My Experience Of Investing In HK and US Market

If you had read my blog regularly, you will have read that I have been investing in HK and US market for about 1 year. Since the start of 2018, I started to engage in more active investing within the HK and US market. I even wrote a full post on a HK counter that I invested in, Win Hanverky Holdings Limited . After investing for over 10 years in the SG market, I thought it will be “piece of cake” for me to just start investing in other markets. But I am wrong. Since the start of the year, the Hang Seng Index and Dow Jones Index had rise about 1%. Without the short-lived market correction period, the 2 indexes will have risen more than 5% within 2 months. However, I am currently in the red after 2 months. My US portfolio went into the red 2 weeks ago. But my HK portfolio have been in the red more than 1 month ago. Here are some thoughts that I like to share so far on my journey of investing in the HK and US market: 1. Higher Volatility in Price Fluctuations The share price

Our 2nd Meet and Greet "Ask Us Anything" Event

Dear Readers and Subscribers, After a successful 1st Meet and Greet " Ask Us Anything " (AUA) session, Simple Investor SG (aka Simple) and I decided to continue with these AUA sessions, as a form of giving back to our subscribers and followers. It will still be a FREE face to face AUA session ! AUA We preferred having a face to face session because we believe only some questions can only be asked and answered when you are chatting directly with the person. Just To Recap - Background on Simple and I Simple and I partnered to create the Fundamental Scorecard website . It is basically a website that portray our investment approach into 2 different scorecard methods ( Full Analysis from Simple Investor SG and Ultimate Scorecard from me )  and each scorecard method will have an individual database with reports of the scores of counters in SGX. A scorecard method can be considered as a mechanical/systematic way of investing, where your consideration is based on f

The Ultimate Scorecard Criteria In "Words"

For readers who have been reading too much about Fundamental Scorecard website on my blog, such as the IN member below, I have to remind you that this article is again on Fundamental Scorecard website. Screenshot from IN However, for this post, I will explain in detail about the methodology of The Ultimate Scorecard – one of the scorecard database on the Fundamental Scorecard website . This will be useful to those who do not understand the criteria within the scorecard or are not familiar with the numbers. Having created the Value StockScorecard – the very 1st version – in March 2015, I realize I have yet to write in words about my scorecard methodology. Before I start, let me repeat that The Ultimate Scorecard is created based on value investing concepts and contrarian investing methods. So here are the thoughts that created The Ultimate Scorecard: 1. Cash Is King! You Cannot Deny It. In the recent market downturn, did you wish that you should have more cash on h

More Thoughts From This Market Correction

This is just my thought process and I wanted it to be recorded down. In addition to what I wrote in the last post , I had a few more thoughts: 1. Every Counter Will Drop in a Market Downturn. When there is “blood on the ground”, every counter will be on a downtrend. The only difference is drop more or drop less. Cash will become the main call option at that point. 2. Diversify Less. This is my main problem. I am trying to reduce my counters to have a more concentrated portfolio. I still preferred a portfolio of 15 to 20 counters. 3. Invest in Great Companies at Fair Prices, not Fair Companies at Cheap Prices. In order to have a more concentrated portfolio, I have to invest only in Great Companies at Fair Prices. This was stated by Warren Buffett and repeated to me by Simple Investor SG . Eventually this will reduce my portfolio from falling too much in a major downturn. 4. Why Should Someone Subscribe To Fundamental Scorecard website during a Major Down

Steps To Take In A Market Correction

I am not sure how you are feeling about this market correction, but I do feel pretty excited because I felt there will be more opportunities coming and I cannot wait for it. Nevertheless, I came out with a few thoughts on my own to keep myself in check. So here I goes: 1. Keep Calm and A Clear Mind Some people will feel scare, some will feel despair, some, like me, will feel excited. Regardless, I believe we should still try to keep calm and a clear mind. Focus on the necessary information and block out the “noises”. 2. Reduce Your Watchlist and Focus on Your Portfolio I removed all unnecessary counters in my watchlist. After all, I have been told too many times that my portfolio is too diversified. Thus, just focusing on my portfolio will be using up a lot of my time. 3. Focus on Individual Company and Not The Market If you focus too much on the market movement, such as STI, you will probably be too affected by the unnecessary “noises”. The first thin

Fundamental Scorecard Counters Reaction to Last Friday's Market Correction

This is just a short post to emphasize on how my Fundamental Scorecard strategy works out. The global market (STI, Hang Seng Index and DJI) has become all red last Friday (2 February 2018). For my portfolio, I tend to break them into different segments. From all the segment shown below, you realized that only the Fundamental Scorecard segment did not have a counter that make losses. Do note that the change is calculated between the share price on 26 December 2017 and as of 2 February 2018: If you are interested to know more about The Ultimate Scorecard or Full Analysis , do visit the Fundamental Scorecard website for more information!  Oh... and do remember, please like our Facebook page ( T.U.B Investing ) and follow me on InvestingNote .

Explanation For The Bull Market

Recently, my mum has re-emphasized to me that the bull market is the result of DT being the US president. This is the 3 rd time I heard it from her. I had always brush her off as I don’t believe that is the reason. However, my sudden enlightenment recently made me felt that DT could really be the reason for the current bull market. The bull market could mainly be due to DT’s protectionism policies that created a better economy for the US citizens. More companies hiring US citizens, more jobs, more pay, more spending, etc… Furthermore, the current tax rebate policy will allow corporations to report EVEN better earnings report this year. Do note that 2017 is supposed to be a very good year for many companies. Thus, when the US market reacted positively to DT’s policies, the global markets also reacted the same way. A booming US economy will also have an effect on HK market. My research of the HK market made me realised that there are still many companies listed