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TTJ Holdings Ltd - Full Year Results Announced

On 26 Sep 2016, TTJ Holdings Ltd announced the latest full year financial results for 2016. Share price has since fallen 15% the next day. So here is a summary of the financials:  - Significant increase in revenue and also increase net profit  - Slight reduction in investment property and fixed asset  - Was able to maintain cash amount from 2015 to 2016, despite giving an 8 cents dividend in 2016.  - Slight increase in liabilities but without any bank borrowing!  - With such rosy financials, the only negative seem to be that dividend was reduced to 1.7 cents. So how does it fare against the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard with Dividend Scorecard Portion? (Based on the share price $0.395): The Enhanced Triple S Scorecard continued to pass with flying colours. But the Dividend Scorecard failed. 1 passed. 1 failed. Why? Dividend Scorecard Portion failed because Price to Book ratio is higher than 0.8. This is expected as this stock was never a net current asset valu

The Value Portfolio - Recent Actions and Views - Post 10

Yes. I know I stated that I will not be posting about my portfolio anymore. But I decided its time to just do a short post to update my readers after such a long time. The following stocks that are currently in my portfolio (Read here for past updates) : Sin Ghee Huat Corporation Limited PNE Industries Limited Chuan Hup Holding Limited LHT Holdings Limited TTJ Holdings Limited Singapore Telecommunications Limited Suntec Real Estate Inv Trust Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation CH Offshore Ltd Maxi-Cash Financial Services Corp Ltd ST Engineering Ltd Bukit Sembawang Estates Ltd M1 Limited Hock Lian Seng Holding Ltd Ellipsiz Ltd LTC Corporation Ltd USP Group Ltd   OUE Hospitality Trust Hupsteel Limited Top Global Ltd The Development Bank of Singapore Limited Far East Hospitality Trust CDW Holding Limited Captii Limited Sing Holdings Limited   Sold: Accordia Golf Trust BBR Holding (S) Ltd Krisenergy Ltd Bought: The Development Bank of Singapore Limite

The Dividend Series - Lee Metal Group Ltd

This will be the 3rd post for the Dividend Series . This stock is requested by a reader. Having so many steel companies in my portfolio, I have always tried my best to ignore this stock. So now, I guess its time to test Lee Metal Group Ltd against my Enhanced Triple S Scorecard with Dividend Scorecard Portion . Profile In Short Established since 2000, Lee Metal Group Ltd is a distributor and fabricator of steel products as well as a recognized international trader of steel and steel related products in the region. The company employs over 200 employees and has presence in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and Hong Kong. Based on the Dividend Scorecard Portion (Based on Present Price of $0.285 and the latest 2nd Quarter 2016 financials): It PASSsss! This meant that the stock will be able to continue to produce at least 5% of dividend yield for the next year. One of the main reason it passes seems to be the fact that Lee Metal Group Ltd passes the Value Stock S

The Dividend Series - Nam Lee Pressed Metal Industries Ltd

This will be the 2nd post of the Dividend Series. Read the previous write up here . The 2nd usual suspect is... Nam Lee Pressed Metal Industries Ltd! It is another stock that is generally known to give out regularly dividend. But will it pass my Dividend Scorecard Portion of the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard ? Profile In Short Nam Lee Pressed Metal Industries Ltd is a one-stop specialist offering complete service in the designing, manufacturing and supplying of metal products and solutions for diverse industries in building, shipping container and infrastructure etc. It is currently one of Singapore’s leading providers of fabricated metal products and cutting edge metal solutions. The company also manufacture aluminium frames for container refrigeration units and is the only world-wide third party supplier of aluminium frames for container refrigeration units to a reputable multi-national corporation (some say Carrier..?) which is the world leader in container refrigeration.

Subscribe for Enhanced Triple S Scorecard

This will be a short post. After distributing the Triple S Scorecard for such a long time, I guess its time to pass the readers the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard instead. Previously, I only provided participants, who attended the Sharing Sessions with T.U.B, a copy of Enhanced Triple S Scorecard. But now, I will release it to everyone who request and subscribe for it. Nevertheless, it will only be the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard without the Dividend Scorecard Portion. Furthermore, if you wish to know more about the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard or even the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard with Dividend Scorecard Portion, do sign up for the Sharing Session with T.U.B. For those who are interested to findquality value stock that can produce at least 5% dividend yield, you can come to my 3rd Sharing Session with T.U.B ! I will only be sharing my Enhanced Triple S Scorecard with Dividend Scorecard Portion with participants of the Sharing Session. If you are interested to attend the 3

The Dividend Series - Powermatic Data System Ltd

I am starting a string of new posts deem as the Dividend Series. In this series, I will test some of the "usual suspects", that deem to produce 5% of dividend yield annually, against my Dividend Scorecard Portion. Do note that these stocks are, in my opinion, "popular value stocks". There are already significant information in the internet on them. Thus, my post will be more focus on how the stock fare against my Dividend Scorecard Portion. Read about the previous post of the Dividend Scorecard Portion as per the links below: The Search For Dividend Stocks The Dividend Scorecard - An Extension of Enhanced Triple S Scorecard - Part 1 The Dividend Scorecard - An Extension of Enhanced Triple S Scorecard - Part 2 So the 1st suspect is.... Powermatic Data System Ltd! Profile in Short Powermatic Data Systems Limited core business is to manufacture, market, and distribute wireless connectivity products and computer peripherals. This is a stock that is

The Dividend Scorecard - An Extension of Enhanced Triple S Scorecard - Part 2

This is the follow up on the write up of the Search for Dividend Stocks and the write up on Part 1 of Dividend Scorecard Portion . For this post, I will be explaining about how the Dividend Scorecard Portion was tested. From a list of stocks that produces 5% dividend yield from 2012 to 2016, I only choose a small sample of 4 stocks that I believe will continue to TRY to produce a high dividend yield of 5% even up to this day. I worked my way back to each stock’s 2014 financials – which will test whether the Dividend Scorecard Portion will have CORRECTLY PREDICTED that the particular stock will continue to produce a dividend yield of 5% in 2015. 1. Second Chance Properties Ltd The company retail ready-made traditional Malay apparel through its 44 First Lady stores – three in Singapore and 41 in Malaysia. It also sells gold and jewellery through its Golden Chance Goldsmith store. It also currently holds 57 properties – 56 in Singapore and one in Malaysia from which it

The Dividend Scorecard Portion - An Extension of Enhanced Triple S Scorecard - Part 1

The search for Dividend Stocks has been completed and the scorecard had been created.   To emphasize again, I am not talking about REITs or STI-linked Blue Chips, when I suggested about Dividend Stocks. This is a search for the pennies or the ignored stocks (including the less famous and popular Blue Chips) that has the ability to give out at least 5% dividend yield in the following year. In addition, rather than having an individual new scorecard, I have created it as an Add-On portion to the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard . The following information will elaborate about the mindset behind the Dividend Scorecard Portion: 1. Reasons for the Removal of REITs and Stocks within the STI from my research. In my view, REITs are quite straightforward. Due to their business model, I will look at their dividend yield, net asset value, current share price, WALE and their debt to equity ratio before I purchase the REIT at that point in time. Any more criteria will be nit-pi