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Evaluating Geo Energy Resources' Outlook Post March 2024

Vested Prior to commencing, I must acknowledge that my previous post on Starhill Global REIT received substantial critical responses. Members in my Telegram group (Link in this post ) pointed out loopholes in my article. Specifically, they highlighted that while the REIT boasted high occupancy rates, its revenue from properties outside of Singapore was dwindling. Furthermore, the dividend had experienced a consistent decline over the years, suggesting inadequate management. Hence, if you are contemplating an investment in Starhill REIT, do think twice - although I remain vested for now. On a different note, I previously also wrote about Geo Energy Resource ("GER") (SGX: RE4.SI) , and this article serves as a continuation of my previous piece. Although the time-sensitive information has now been disclosed and March 2024 is coming to an end, I still remain vested in GER.  As we approach the end of March 2024, the question arises: what will happen if I continue to hold onto G

Riding the REIT Recovery: Why Starhill Global Looks Like an Attractive Purchase

Not Yet Vested (going to buy soon) I believe it is time to re-examine S-REIT companies, as they have been under pressure for an extended period due to the high interest rate environment. I have outlined some criteria for what I am focusing on, such as excluding industrial and office REITs, concentrating on local REITs, and selecting one offering over 6% yield. However, I kept returning to the same S-REIT in which I had invested and written previously. The REIT is Starhill Global REIT (Starhill) . Starhill Global REIT I perceive a generally negative view of this REIT exists, though I feel differently. In my opinion, there are some compelling reasons why it presents such an enticing buying opportunity currently. 1. Interest Rates Expected To Decrease In The Near And Longer Term. I believe the elevated interest rate environment will soon end, and rates will start to drop in the second half of the year overall. This will allow floating debt interest payments to reduce as fixed debt compri

Geo Energy Resources: A Time Sensitive Trading Opportunity

Vested It has been some time since I last wrote an article on any platform or on this blog. However, I am still been actively managing my portfolio. I just needed some time to recharge, as there were moments when I felt burned out recently. Nevertheless, I have returned and today I will be sharing information about an intriguing trading opportunity. I am currently vested in this company but it represents less than 2% of my portfolio. This is because I have not had any additional funds in my portfolio as my primary goal has been to restore it back to its original value of 100%. Furthermore, this is a trading opportunity and I will most likely sell it prior to April 2024. The Company The company that I would like to discuss is called Geo Energy Resources Ltd ("GER") (SGX: RE4.SI).  The decision to enter into this trade was based on two press releases issued on February 7th and March 1st, 2024 . Image taken from Singapore Business Review To provide a brief overview, there are