The Value Portfolio

At last, time to talk about my Portfolio...

A few facts before I start on the exciting stuff:
  1. Invest/Trade with only what you can afford to lose – so that you must be prepared to loss all before putting your hard-earn money in. This is to curb against the emotions of accepting losses and looking at paper losses.
  2. Invest in Companies and not “Short Term Trading” – This meant that I look at the companies, business model, financials and not just the charts and price.
  3. Min Technical Analysis – I still look at charts and try to avoid a company whose share price recently rise significantly, or another that’s at a 52 week high.
  4. Portfolio Action and Not Monthly/Daily Action – I invest via a pool of funds. For example, if the fund size is $10k, this meant that I do not try to buy shares for the portfolio by adding more cash to the portfolio. Any increase in the portfolio should be due to the share price appreciation or dividend given.
  5. Resources are limited – This makes you select you stocks more carefully as your funds are limited and you are also able to track your gain and losses in detail.
  6.  Diversification – I have read around that you will need to diversify but not excessively. My current view is that a portfolio should have around 8 to 12 stocks.
  7. Value Investing – My methods are not like those hardcore net-net investor but is still roughly similar. In addition, with all these uncertainties (high STI, Greece, China, etc) in the current (or even future) economy, I believe Value Investing is the way to go as you try to pick out the company with the “toughest build that can whether all kind of storms that’s ahead of it”.
  8. Small Cap Favoritism - Due to the way I analyse for this portfolio, most of the stocks that I am in contact with are all small cap companies.
  9. SG Stocks only - I have yet to venture into overseas shares. Thus, all the shares in this portfolio are only listed in SGX. 
Note that this is a new portfolio that started in April 2015 and I have yet to develop my Value Stock Scorecard then, thus in future when I discuss about each individual stock/company in this portfolio, it may not be deem as a Value Stock.

The portfolio consist of:
  1. ISDN Holding Limited & here too!
  2. Sin Ghee Huat Corporation Limited
  3. PNE Industries Limited
  4. Chuan Hup Holding Limited
  5. HTL International Holdings Limited
  6. LHT Holdings Limited
  7. TTJ Holdings Limited
  8. Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund
  9. Accordia Golf Trust
I am still looking at other shares to build up my portfolio till max of 12 shares and about 46% of the portfolio are still in Cash.

Do note that added some of the links above to companies' name that are the blog posts that I discuss previously on some of the shares above. I will also proceed to write an individual update on each individual stock/company listed above and explain on my rational that time as well as my plan ahead.

PS: Do your own due diligence before making any similar stock purchase.