An Interview with "B"

This is a new series that I will be doing - either to get people to put up guest post or doing interview with bloggers.

Today, I have the honour of interviewing "B", the owner of blog, A Path to Forever Financial Freedom. His blog first caught my eye cause of the way he invests and the goal of achieving financial freedom. We seem to be on the same path but different ways and different methods. At times, he will provide his comments on my facebook posts and his comments are always very insightful.

Without further ado, let's get straight to the interview questions and "B" answers!

1. Tell us more about yourself

B: I am a full time salaried employee working in a logistic industry in the accounting/finance department aiming to achieve financial independence at the age of 35. At home, I am a father of one and I enjoy activities such as reading, traveling.

2. How did you get into investing?

B: The idea of passive income hits me hard to get started and motivated about investing. Even though I may disagree with some of the method in Rich Dad Poor Dad, the concept was extremely brilliant and I fell in love with it immediately. Being able to have money works for you instead of you working for the money intrigued my interests to explore further.

3. Any thoughts about short term trading?

B: It's getting lesser now but I still do that occasionally. The main objective here is to achieve the targeted return within a short span of time but it can get difficult and dangerous. I talked specifically about the one-time, two-time, three-time decision in my recent post here when we come down to short term trading.

4. What your best investment and worst investment since you started investing?

B: I have a couple of very good returns on my investment such as FCT, ST Engineering which I bought back in 2011 during the Euro crisis and managed to divest them at the peak of 2013.

Fortunately, I have yet to suffer a very bad investment decision to date, though on and off there are realized losses to be made when the investment turned sour.

5. How many stocks do you think one should hold for diversification?

B: Anything between 10 to 20 is optimal, both to mitigate systematic risk and also the time required to monitor them closely.

I have currently about 14-15 stocks which I am pretty comfortable in monitoring, reviewing and closing in on their development on a daily basis.

6. What do you intend to do once you achieve financial independence at age of 35?

B: Last year, I did a fun post on my pre and post financial independence activities which can be found here. In the post, I mentioned about how time and flexibility is a luxury which is very important to me and how being post FI it can help a lot.

The more realistic scenario, however, is going to be slightly different. I'm probably going to venture into a small business with some friends, write a book, do some consultation work - work that basically requires me to keep up with times and get the mind not idling. However, one thing stays true - flexibility will always have to be there.

7. Able to reveal which stocks are currently on your watchlist?

B: In the past couple of months, I'm just mostly accumulating the shares I already had in my portfolio, so no much new stocks that are out there for me to explore. My next move would probably involved gobbling shares in FCT and CCT, something which I am still much in the lookout for Fed news next week.

In terms of new stocks, my closest purchase is probably on HK Land and UOL. These are two which I am keen to add to m portfolio if the opportunities arise.

8. Finally, any advice for newbie interested to get into investing?

B: My advice to interested investors (newbie) is don't get rushed in trying to put all your money straight into buying companies which you have followed from a blog somewhere or heard in the news. Try to read and understand as much as possible first before putting your hard earned money in a company which can yield you much greater returns in the future. Remember, all you need is a couple of great chance in your life and it will turn your fortune well. Do this badly and the reverse is much harder to absorb.

"B"'s Blog, A Path to Forever Financial Freedom, is also on the my blog list at the side.

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  1. B is a very prudent retail investor and I like his investment theories!

    Way to go, B!

    1. Totally agree. Looking forward to his future post.

    2. Thanks for the interview Terence :)

      Thanks too for CK kind words always.


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