I am back. I am Terence.

Hi all,

Sorry for the long absent.

Being a dad now to a 3 month old new born, time is probably one of the most precious resource now and in future.

Taking on a new job for the last 4 months has also been quite tough. You realize, again, that it is hard to make everyone happy. When you constantly hit a brick wall at work, you will be amazed at how fast the "fire in the belly" get extinguish.

With those thoughts, you start to question what do you want to achieved in life? Especially with the T.U.B Investing blog and Fundamental Scorecard.

To be honest, I am just an ordinary folk who works a 8 to 6 job and hope to win Toto every single week. I am not a wealthy nor a rich folk and I stay in a four room flat like you. I take the MRT to work and do not have a maid.

With my family, I just want to bring joy and happiness to their life.

At work, I just hope to value add to my company.

Through these years of writing my blog, starting Fundamental Scorecard, starting the telegram group, I only wanted to share my thoughts on investing and hope people benefit from it.

I also never felt I could achieve financial independence. I just hope that by 50, I have some funds or income that allows me to escape the corporate rat race.

So this is me. This is Terence.

Probably the most ordinary folk you meet in your daily life.

With those emo thoughts out of the way, I just like to say that:
- I will try to re-start writing more regularly. But don't expect long post. Just simple post. If it is about ideas, it will probably be in point form.
- Fundamental Scorecard is also under revamp and I really want it to be successful because I do really believe in it.

For those that is interested in the daily discussion of the global market, feel free to join our Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group.


  1. Keep it up! When you look back a few years from now you will be amazed how far you have come! I have learnt greatly from your occasional blog.

    1. Hi Patrol,

      Thanks for your comment. I used to write more. Now much lesser. Thanks for the support!


  2. You have come a long way and done well. I wished I had your financial wisdom when I am at your stage of life. Keep this passion glowing Terence. A lot of people appreciate your sharing.

    1. Hi Philip,

      Thanks for your support! See you soon!


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