Scammers Co-Opted My Alter Ego

It appears that scammers everywhere are exploiting my alternative persona to defraud individuals. Occasionally I elect to disregard them. However, the email below goes too far. It is literally contacting my partners and demanding that they forward this email to me.

The S*** Email To My Partners

This seems to be another one of the scams.

S*** website

Press Release on the S*** Website

Moreover, when searching for "TUBInvesting" through Google, I previously discovered peculiar material relating to this blog. I recognize I have become a premier news source.

News Article 1

News Article 2

News Article 3

The news reports originated from one of my affiliations tab beneath "Latest News" with PRNewswire.

Presumably I shall retract them promptly.

Screenshot of the Blog Tab

Please be careful. If you need to contact me, there is a link on my blog on how to locate me.

Stay Tuned.