ISDN (Part 2)

After releasing this post on Sin Ghee Huat  & ISDN on Thursday, the price shot up 1.92% and 7.32% respectively on Friday.

I cannot help but hope it is because of what I wrote (although its almost impossible). Nevertheless I do like to give you a word of caution. Please still do your own due diligence and invest in the stock only when you feel "right". Do not follow blindly!

As for my recommendation, I know some people have doubts about ISDN. After reading the annual report released on 7 April, I like to "correct" and update the following information on ISDN:

1. Sorry on the wrong information previously - ISDN did not change its business. They just add a new revenue channel as per the annual report!

2. There will be a Dividend of 0.4 cents per share (As calculated in the post previously, dividend yield of only 1.95%.)

3. They are in high tech farming as well. Interesting.

4. They MAYBE moving into Myanmar. Its not confirm yet. Do be bluffed.

5. 75% of their business is in Engineering and in China. Too concentrated?

These are the new updated information. Hope it may further allow you to make a better decision and please STILL DO YOUR ON DUE DILIGENCE before making any decision. 

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