M1 - A more extensive explanation

Many of you might have read what I wrote about Singtel and some of you asked me about my investment in M1 as well.

I bought it at 2.66 in Sep 2012 and have been holding on to it since. Every year I received about 4% to 5% of Dividend and I believe this will continue.

M1 has always been my prefer choice of local telco investment, prior to the 4th Telco News, because:

1. Cheapest Defensive Stock among the 3 Telcos and with the one with the lowest debt.

2. No Cable TV or Mio TV - With the streaming services readily available on the net, this seems like a lose-making venture, especially with the fighting of the EPL rights. Charging sky high prices towards the consumers will only backfire eventually.

3. First Teleco to step into the fibre boardband spectrum.

4. Consistent Rising Trends. Singtel and Starhub, at that point, has a more roller-coaster trend.

So with the news of the 4th Telco (in additional to the Greece Drama as well as the new up and coming China Drama), M1 share price has been on a downtrend since Feb 2015.

Rather than off-loading like many does, I continue to hold on to my M1 shares and view this as an buying opportunity.

I have stated many reasons on why it is not the end for M1 and Starhub investors here.

In addition, for M1 investors, do note that it is carry making inroads into Oman. Something I am happy about. Rather than focusing on Singapore Market alone, going overseas should be the priority for our local telcos.

Having said all these, my current favourite is still Singtel and I will only buy M1 if it goes lower.