What is your plan towards achieving your goal?

Someone reminded me today - That I am supposed to have a plan. A plan to work towards my goal.

He asked me, "What is my 5 year plan?". I was caught dumbfounded. I realised I had none at this point.

As per Benjamin Franklin, If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

I remember I used to have plans along with a certain goal:

After university and getting my first job, I had plans to pay off my university tuition fees (despite a significant low pay). - I cleared them in 1.5 years.

After that I had zero saving left. Then I plan to save up for an emergency fund (a low 5 figure sum) and achieved that in the next 2 years.

After that I plan to create a sideline (Read here). Although it was over, but it was a great experience and I was able to survive at least a 2 year run.

After that life started to get complicated and I lost track of my plans or even my goal.

So today, I will set plans to achieve my goals.

It will not be a 5 year plan - too many surprising factors to have to consider for a 5 year plans.

But I will start with planning for my End-2016 goals - An achievable 1.25 year plan.

What about you? What's your plan? What's your goal?