2nd Sharing Session with T.U.B

With the positive feedback received from the participants of the "1st Sharing Session with T.U.B", I have decided to conduct the “2nd Sharing Session with T.U.B” to help you to choose good fundamental stocks for the future.

I will be showing the participants my Enhanced Triple S Scorecard method which is quite different from other methods and looks at picking good fundamental stocks for the long term.

In addition, with Swiber Limited's liquidation news which has caused a ripple effect in the Singapore Stock Market, one should understand that in these difficult times, we have to choose good fundamental stocks that can withstand future unpredictable events.
Even thought it is a paid session, I still hope that you can support me and participate in this session as I believe there is much to gain from this sharing session.

Basically I will be sharing on:
  1. My Value Investing Method
  2. How do I screen for stocks?
  3. Sharing of Enhanced Triple S Scorecard and how it works/has improved?
  4. A try-out of using the Enhance Triple S Scorecard on a selected stock
  5. My Portfolio Details (I have not fully disclose my portfolio details before... other than to those that have attended my session)
  6. My Good and Bad Investment Stock Picks – The lessons learnt
  7. My Watchlist of Stocks/Future picks
Participants of this sharing session will definitely be having a soft-copy of the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard, which I only pass to the attendees of the Sharing Session with T.U.B.

Details of the Sharing Session:
Target Pax: 10
Location: 73 Ayer Rajah Cresent, #01-11/12, Singapore (139952). (Walkable distance from One-North Circle Line MRT Station)
Date: 20 August 2016 (Saturday)
Timing: 10am to 3pm.
Price: $68 (via bank transfer. Email me for account number). Each confirm slot will be given upon the successful bank transfer.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me directly.

Do read up on my latest blog posts, Ellipsiz Ltd, NSL Ltd and TTJ Holdings Ltd., which I use the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard to evaluate the company's financials.

Ellipsiz Ltd and TTJ Holdings Ltd are some of the special ones that passed Triple S Scorecard and Enhanced Triple S Scorecard!

If you are thinking of looking at stocks for the long term, do also give my initial Triple S Scorecard a try. It's still a good tool!
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Hope to hear from you soon!