3 Things I Learnt About REITs Masterclass

When I was approached by Chlorophyll Inc to help them review about their REITs Masterclass course, I am actually quite reluctant. This is because I do not really invest in REITs and I am more interested in capital gain.

Furthermore, B has also gave his review. Therefore, I wondered what else could I offer to the readers?

Nevertheless, I decided to give the course a try in order to become a more "complete investor" and also hopefully to provide the readers with another perspective of the REITs Masterclass course.

Since I had completed the course, here are 3 things I learnt about REITs Masterclass:

1. Not Only About REITs Investing

Even though this course is focus on how to choose the best REITs to invest in, but the information taught can be easily use on non-REITs investing as well.

As the course teaches you how to look at REITs from its business model and structure, this can be also used in how we analyse the companies from its business point of view, rather than solely from the numbers.

2. How To Use Existing Available Free Resources To Get Ahead Of Others

The course teaches us to learn to use the available free online resources to understand more about each respective REIT. A step by step approach is also explained in the video.

An example is using Booking.com to analyse the hospitality REITs. Mind-Blowned!

3. Learn More About Overseas REITs

If you thought that REITs Masterclass only discuss about Singapore REITs, you are absolutely wrong. This course actually also discusses about various overseas REITs. This will really broaden an investor's mindset and provide another possible channel for REITs investor to invest in.

I am glad that I have gone through the REITs Masterclass course as I believe I have, at least, brush up my analytical skills when I look at the qualitative aspect of each businesses.

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Please understand that this is a sponsored post and I will earn a small commission if you click on the above link. But there will not be additional fees!

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