Our 2nd Meet and Greet "Ask Us Anything" Event

Dear Readers and Subscribers,

After a successful 1st Meet and Greet "Ask Us Anything" (AUA) session, Simple Investor SG (aka Simple) and I decided to continue with these AUA sessions, as a form of giving back to our subscribers and followers.

It will still be a FREE face to face AUA session!

We preferred having a face to face session because we believe only some questions can only be asked and answered when you are chatting directly with the person.

Just To Recap - Background on Simple and I

Simple and I partnered to create the Fundamental Scorecard website. It is basically a website that portray our investment approach into 2 different scorecard methods (Full Analysis from Simple Investor SG and Ultimate Scorecard from me) and each scorecard method will have an individual database with reports of the scores of counters in SGX.

A scorecard method can be considered as a mechanical/systematic way of investing, where your consideration is based on facts and numbers, while your emotions and bias can be put aside.

Through these methods, Simple and I had more wins than losses and we believe that anyone who follow these methods will be able to attain similar results!

It is our goal to spread the knowledge of fundamental investing to everyday average retail investors.

Here are the Event Details:

Date: 6 March 2018, Tuesday
Time: 7.30pm to 9.00pm (Try to just come early. We can always have dinner together.)
Location: Outside seating area of The Kitchen (Food Court at The Star Vista. The seating area outside is very big and open. You will be able to find us there.)

We will be seated at the back of the orange section.
Our Logo

If you are interested in the event, just email me (Not the fundamental scorecard website email, this is my own email) that you are interested to attend and I will reply you with my contact number, in case you can't find us that day! Even if you intend to come at the last minute, feel free to contact us/approach us on that day as well!

We look forward to meeting you!