Updates For You

I will be providing some updates of what could be happening over the next few months for TUBInvesting blog and Fundamental Scorecard.

1. Latest Corporate News

Similar to many bloggers, I am working with PRNewswire Singapore to bring you the latest corporate news.

I have specifically request only for news from US, Singapore and Hong Kong, and only with relations towards investment/finance, business and real estate.

Just simply click on the tab located at the top for the “Latest Corporate News”.

2. Coffee With Us

Many of you will have known that Simple Investor SG (Simple) and I have been conducting free Ask-Us-Anything sessions at The Star Vista food court.

In future, the event will be called “Coffee With Us”, since we tend to have drinks while we discuss about anything related to investing.

Although the turnout had not been fantastic, but we still deem the event a success because we are able to interact directly with the participants and the feedback has been positive. Many felt that it was a fruitful session with many questions answered!

Our next Coffee With Us session will be in April. Stay tuned.

3. Guide to SG Stocks 2018

Simple and I have created our 2nd book – Guide to SG Stocks 2018. This is a follow up to our 1st book – Guide to SG Stocks 2017.

Although it is just a simple book that list out details of all the counters in SGX, but our purpose is basically for readers to know more about the counters in SGX. By reading and understanding the simple details of each counter in SGX, we believe it will help investors to better locate "hidden gems" within SGX.

In addition, for our 2nd book, we have also added comments from Shi Ern (He wrote a guest post for me previously) for selected counters listed in SGX. These comments will help readers to have another view from the perspective of a quant value investor.

Click on this link to purchase a copy of the book at $8 only!

4. Fundamental Scorecard

As for the subscribers of Fundamental Scorecard, Simple and I have been thinking of doing a detailed workshop with full of discussion. We hope everyone that attend will be able to understand and use what we discuss about during the workshop.

I am also thinking of doing a full discussion workshop for The Ultimate Scorecard subscribers. I want to discuss how I use my scorecard method (I have learnt to use it a little differently!) and also every counter that passed the scorecard!

If you are interested to attend, do look into our scorecard method on our Fundamental Scorecard website now!

5. Research On The Property Market

I have also done some research on the property market lately, especially the Enbloc Sales. I have even done up an elaborated table on these Enbloc Sales. This is all due to a counter I am looking at now!

All will be revealed in the next post!

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