My Ex Just Announced Her Results!

If you have read about the previous post about my Ex, I am updating here that she just announced her full year results!

And I was right! The dividend has decrease from 33 cents to 18 cents!

If the retailer investor is looking for 5% dividend yield, then he will be expecting the share price to fall to $3.60!

But I have my doubt that the share price will drop till so much!

If you read about the news article, there are a lot of hidden messages. Are you able to catch them?

For existing retailer investor, I advise you to ignore the news report and spent some time to look at their latest financials results. Hopefully you will be able to pick out their "important" numbers.

There are 2 "firsts" over the last 3 years in the most ignored portion of the financial results! If you picked them out, that will be great!

Next, for existing retailer investor, it is also important to remember "why did you invest in Bukit Sembawang Estates Ltd"?

Once you remembered the reason, go back to the facts and see if the company still have "it".

As for me, let's just see how much the share price will drop!

Please do your own due diligence before you invest this counter.

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