Thank You SGX For Inviting Me!

Firstly, I like to say my thanks again to SGX for inviting me to be one of the panel speakers along with so many other gurus!

It was a great talk and I learnt a lot from the other speakers as well! I hope my answers for the many questions have been satisfactory to the participants as well!

As I look at the pigeonhole website (participants were able to post questions on this website), I realised there is 1 particular question relating to my scorecard method. Therefore, I think I should provide an answer to the question. Hopefully the people that posted this question and voted for this question is able to read this answer!

How can the tub scorecard capture and account for market sentiments and industry outlook. Also, even if it’s an undervalued stock, how can then the value be realized if it’s out of favour?

Ans: Firstly my scorecard capture and account for market sentiments and industry outlook via the changes in share price. This is because the scorecard report contain ratios such as Price-to-Book, Price to Earnings, Price-to-Free-Cash-Flow and Dividend Yield. Thus, any change in share price will cause the scoring to change.

As for the second portion of the question, I can only say value will take time to realise. But for the scorecard method, there are 2 factors that could give the value counter a higher chance of realising the value -

(1) my scorecard focus on company with lots of cash. A company with cash is able to use them to make investment, buy new businesses and give dividend. This will potentially increase the share price to a higher level.

(2) To pass my scorecard, the company has to do well in not 1 area (balance sheet, earnings, cashflow statement, etc), but at least 2 or even 3 areas to get a pass. Thus, this allows more opportunity for the company's value to get recognised.

However, I must also comment that not all counters that pass my scorecard is a definite hit. Similar to all other methods, this is just a level 1 check. We must have a deeper understanding of the business and financials in order to ensure we are purchasing a company that we are comfortable holding while we sleep at night.

That's all!

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