Let's Try Our Best!

Update: Due to 2 of my choices' share price are less than 20 cents (1 of them being the unstated new Big Idea), they are not part of the stock list. Instead, I will substitute them with 2 other Big Ideas that seem to be on a downtrend.

I had joined SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge competition, which will start tomorrow.

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Although I have stated previously that I will just join for fun and doubt that I will win, but since I have registered, I decided that I should just try my best.

But how should a long term investor be investing for just 2.5 months?

My Strategy:

Firstly, I will still be sticking to my Big Ideas Investing Theory strategy. This is because I don't think an investor can change their strategy in such a short time.

Furthermore, if I purposely change my strategy just to suit this competition, I feel I will be "cheating" myself and my readers.

Secondly, having already released my 9 Big Ideas and, out of the 9 Big Ideas, 3 of them will be releasing their full year report during this competition period. Thus, I will be investing in these 3 Big Ideas for this competition. If the results are great, it will be allow the share price to rise significantly.

Thirdly I will also be investing in a 4th company for the competition. This is a company which I had long invested in but only deem it as a Big Idea recently. So if you follow me on this competition, you will then know which company is this new Big Idea.

Lastly I will break the $50k evenly into the 4 Big Ideas. Thus, if any of the 4 Big Ideas performs badly, my portfolio will not drop significantly.

In Short

With this strategy, I hope I will not linger at the bottom of leadership board.

Do note that this 4 companies currently contribute about 24% of my actual portfolio. If the above strategy perform well, it will also do good for my actual portfolio.

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