A Thank You Post

This dedicated post is for those that went over to support Simple Investor and I at Invest Fair!

It was a great success! Thank you for coming!

Feedback from the crowd are taken seriously. Simple Investor and I will continue to improve in order to provide the best for subscribers.

Anyway, interestingly, this event also open my eyes to the 4 different group of investors.

1. The Informed Ones

There are many uncles out there who just invest in REITs and dividend-paying stocks. They explained to me, because of their age, they just want to collect dividends.

I am not against this way of investing. But in my opinion, it will be still good to diversify 10% or even up to 20% of your portfolio in other companies.

2. The Newbies 

There were also many people who want to learn to invest or want to invest. Some were at a loss and do not know where to start - probably downloading the InvestingNote app is a good 1st step.

Others probably needed more help in terms of looking at financial data and I believe signing up for our Moat Scorecard system will assist them in this area.

3. The "Portfolio Already Very Full" ones

The summary of this group is "相见太晚". I had spoken to some of the investors whom are in this group. They have probably 30 to 40 companies in his portfolio because "my broker recommend this and that" or "I saw or heard this guy talking about this company". At the end of the day, I am unable to fully assist these investors without understanding what companies they are holding. But the first step for you is probably - Cut away those excess positions and stop hoping.

4. The Investors of US-Listed Companies

Many have asked us whether we provide the same system for US-Listed Companies. After all, the term "economic moat" is popularized by Warren Buffett. This will probably take some time. But don't worry, we are looking into it!

Image taken from bigwordsblog.com
Once again, thank you for coming and spending your time in listening to us explain about Moat Scorecard!

We will also like to thank InvestingNote for allowing us to present at the Invest Fair.

Oh... and do remember, please like our Facebook page (T.U.B Investing) and follow me on InvestingNote.