The Road Less Traveled To Destination Unknown

This post was actually named as "Crazy Crazy Asian". This is because I am not rich YET. But I am sort of crazy.

That is what some of my friends said about me.

Firstly, they commented that there is no logic in my recent choice of employment.

"So you went from a bank to a FI and now a fintech... this is not a path one will take."

Next, they asked me, "how did you find time for all these other stuff I am doing?"

Other stuff: Being a blogger, an investor, intending to have a fund, a co-founder to fundamental website, doing all sort of seminar, and also all these collaboration.

Finally they commented that every crazy move has a plan. But my moves seem to be all over the place.

After hearing about all these comments and some self reflection, I do realize that I am quite CRAZY.

Thus the term - "Crazy Crazy Asian".

I do seem to be taking on the road less traveled. In fact, I believe only a few traveled.

But where is the destination? Why am I doing all these?

At the start, my aim was to eventually be a Crazy Rich Asian. I tried all sort of possible way to earn extra income. But it was in vain.

Then I eventually start to blog to just share some of my investing journey.

But as I blog, I started to learn too. Then as I share, a hobby became a passion. Then I realize I seem to be "okay" at it. Then I thought I should try to start to earn from this passion.

As time passes by, investing has become something that is so intertwined in my life that I believe my destination will have something to do with it.

Therefore, I thought of a dream plan not long ago - which I hope can be my destination and lead me to possibly becoming a Crazy Rich Asian.

The dream plan is:

I will teach with a database of methods for you to subscribe to. Eventually I will also somehow start my private fund.

Thank you for reading my post.

With that I like to apologise for the lack of post once again, I will try to come up with a better one soon!

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