The Happy, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I have been thinking about what to write lately. But I seem to have ran out of ideas, although I also have a lot of other things on my mind (more on this later).

Investing Is Getting Boring

Since engaging in Big Ideas Investing Theory, I found myself no longer affected by daily news unless it relates to my targets or companies with my portfolio.

In addition, I felt rather muted now that the market is rising. I feel like I am watching a soap opera when I look at the stock market.

Is this why Gurus says “investing is watching the paint dry”?

Should I Follow Them?

Looking at the blogsphere, I also realized that there are prominent bloggers that have stopped writing. This has been picked up by Chris of Trees of Prosperity .

I actually had that thought too. Currently, I am managing a Telegram Group, FB Page, InvestingNote Profile, Fundamental Scorecard Website and Moat Scorecard on Investing Note.

If readers like to know more about me, there is no lack of channels for them to ask me questions.

There were 2 incidents where I spent at least 1 to 2 hours on the FB messenger app with investors whom wanted to know more about my methods. I told them maybe they can try Fundamental Scorecard. I even gave them free trial. They never even register. This made me thought if I am sharing with the right people.

On the other hand, I already have subscribers on Fundamental Scorecard Website, members on the telegram group, and members on my FB page. Shouldn’t I spend more time on them?

Many may also feel that whether to write a blog is also up to me and I should not complaint (BTW I am not complaining. Just some thoughts in my heads). Nevertheless, I also felt responsible for the readers whom have been reading my blog. I am here today because of them. I feel that I owed it to them (Not saying that I am very successful now).

The reason for feeling this way is that I do require much more effort than others when I blogged. My command of English has always been below average. My General Paper apparently failed a few times. Whenever I blogged, I will write, read through and edit and then I will post. Believe me, I am surprised that I have stayed here so long.

I have also even rejected interviews or companies have rejected my job application because I am a blogger. Nowadays, I made sure I stated clearly in my resume that I am a blogger. The next question is that interviewers will also asked if I am earning significantly from this blog? To be honest, I have only received 2 cheques of US$160 over the past 3 years. Maybe I should have been a Youtuber.

Work-wise, Stuff Happens

There are also issues at work. In fact, numerous issues at work that I felt if I am wearing a “hat too big for my head”.

I noticed that my health has gone from bad to worse, and my stress level is significantly high. Is it due to my incompetency or just that I am working as “Sales, Credit, Collections” at the same time?

The Best Has Yet To Arrive

The best news this year is that I am going to be a FATHER soon. That is terrific news! I have been waiting for this for a long long time!

Nevertheless, once I become a father, I will definitely will have less time for anything else.

What Happens Now?

These are just some thoughts in my head that I have been wanting to write about it. 

Firstly I just like to inform my readers that I will continue to write when I can. Just that the articles may be uploaded and reduced in future and I hope you understand.

Secondly, there are numerous you can contact and find me if you have any questions.

- I have a Facebook Page (Please like!).
- I am on InvestingNote.
- You can join the Fundamental Scorecard telegram group (No Spam Please!).
- You can also sign up under Fundamental Scorecard or Moat Scorecard to follow Simple Investor and my investing style.
- You can also contact me via my email address found in my Contact Page.

That's all for now!

I wish you a Happy Huat Pig Year Ahead! Happy Chinese New Year!