Crazy Portfolio Target - 200% to 400% in 10 years

As you grow older and your life changes, you tend to have different goals and different objective.

With a newborn, I tend to think more about the future and if I have the ability to provide the necessary for her, especially her future university studies.

(For those that are curious, daily needs is met. So just thinking about the major expenses in the future lah...)

Its definitely gonna be expensive with all the inflation and dependent on what kind of course she wants to take.

These thoughts just fill my mind and I think its time to plan ahead.

I probably have 15 to 18 years ahead of her university studies.

As an ordinary man/employee, my only belief is that I invest slightly better than average.

So I hatched a CRAZY plan:

To create a portfolio for the next 10 years with a target of 200% to 400% gain.

The long tenure period of the portfolio is also a cushion to allow the economy to recover from all the issues that is happening in the market (Trump, Trade War, Brexit, HK Protest, etc) currently. It is also a hedge against any crisis in the short term (1 or 2 years later).

Furthermore, for this portfolio I will have a higher focus on overseas sector - Probably 40/60 or 30/70 breakdown. I do believe it is easier to achieve these targets with an overseas focus.

In addition, companies selected in the portfolio might have a more qualitative approach than a quantitative one. Thus, if I invest in some high PE or PB companies, its probably more on the qualitative stuff than the quantitative stuff.

Finally, for those that is interested in the daily discussion of investing theories and companies, as well as how I intend to achieve this objective, feel free to join our Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group