2024 Investment Strategy: Evaluating My Portfolio and Setting New Goals

It has been some time since I last wrote here. As some of you may know from following me on other platforms like X and Seeking Alpha, I have been writing and sharing my views elsewhere. You can find links to my work on those sites in this LINK here.

Now, I wanted to provide an update on my 2023 portfolio performance and outline my strategy for 2024. To begin, my portfolio from 2023 did not change since my Restart article in Mar 2023, as I am still around 40% below my initial investment. I have not done exact calculations since my holdings are fully consolidated on Interactive Brokers, except for some Singapore stocks in my CDP account. Regardless, these returns are not satisfactory and very disappointing.

Given that reality, it is clear that my previous outlook for 2023 did not come to fruition. Therefore, shaping my approach for 2024 is of utmost importance.

I have reviewed my portfolio multiple times, reexamining what I am looking to achieve. After thorough consideration, I have finalized the following strategy:

1. My portfolio will include both short-term and long-term positions. Personally, I want to see it return closer to my initial investment value by the end of 2024, or at least close to it. Thus, I cannot focus solely on long-term holdings but must also consider shorter-term opportunities I believe have strong upside potential in 2024.

2. Longer-term themes I will remain exposed to include:

  • Investment into companies that have scalable business models, meaning they have the ability to acquire additional customers with limited incremental costs, and generate recurring revenue streams.
  • Investment into Magnificent 7
  • Focus on artificial intelligence
  • Potential interest rate cuts in 2024-2025

3. Potential short-term themes for 2024 are:

  • Bitcoin halving and Bitcoin ETF
  • The 2024 US Presidential election

In summary, my 2024 strategy entails:

  • A primarily US-based (90%+) portfolio of scalable businesses with recurring revenue streams.
  • Leveraging both short-term catalysts and longer-term trends, as outlined above.

With this backdrop established, I will now compare my current portfolio against the portfolio I presented in Oct 2023 (According to Cost basis):

  1. APPS - Read Article
  2. TSLA
  3. RICK
  4. PYPL - Under Review at Seeking Alpha
  5. PLTR
  6. AMZN - Read Article
  7. HDSN - Read Article
  8. MSFT
  9. RPAY - Will do a follow up on Seeking Alpha
  10. HUT - Read Article
  11. Keppel Infrastructure Trust (SGX: A7RU)
  12. FUBO - Read Article
  13. BITF (options)
  14. SOFI
  15. HOOD

Since the start of 2024, I have divested most non-U.S. holdings from my portfolio. This includes companies such as FVRR, TSM, 9988, and CRNT (options). This decision was partially due to the potentially volatile geopolitical climates surrounding Israel and China. However, my primary motivation was that these companies no longer aligned with the strategy I have outlined for 2024, which emphasizes identifying more short-term focused investment opportunities. While my original analysis found these still to be sound businesses, they no longer fit the strategic focus of prioritizing increased exposure to opportunities with upside potential in the near term, as I seek to improve portfolio performance according to my stated goals for next year.

I have also written previously about divesting from GOOG and outlined my rationale in this article.

The sale of DTC was more so a reflection that its business model lacked the scalability and recurring revenue potential that I look for, as compared to other software and platform companies currently held in the portfolio.

FUBO is currently the only company that I had previously flagged for potential divestment but have chosen to maintain my position in. This decision reflects my view that FUBO closely aligns with my theme of focusing on opportunities that will benefit from the upcoming 2024 US presidential election cycle. I believe the company stands to significantly benefit given its focus on advertising in its streaming business. Readers can refer to my linked article on FUBO for a more comprehensive discussion of my investment rationale.

Regarding additions to the portfolio, I have primarily acquired positions in PYPL, RPAY, SOFI, and HOOD as their businesses closely match my selected investment themes for 2024, particularly prospects within the digital payments segment which I anticipate will see considerable growth over the next year. 

Going forward, I aim to publish detailed articles on each company held in the portfolio, especially those without an existing analysis. Followers of my work through the social media will receive updates as new articles are made available.

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Stay Tuned.


  1. why is BTC etf a short term narrative?

    1. Hi FYY,

      Thanks for the comment. In my view, the narrative of the Bitcoin ETF is short-term because the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) related to this ETF will reach its peak this year before it gradually decreases.



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