Dissonance and Consonance

Many moons ago, when Covid-19 had not hit our shores, I believe that there is definitely some value that Technical Analysis can brings to Fundamental Investor like me. It may be possible to allow me to find better entry and exit points.

After all, I have seem numerous of my exits going on to higher level after I exited. One example is Trendlines.

On the other hand, I also believe that if a Trader trades a fundamentally strong company, it can provide them some leeway if they miss out on certain actions - Like stop loss. This is because you will be holding on to a fundamentally strong company. 

In addition, even if the trader misses an entry price, he can always plan the next entry price for the same company - just because the company is fundamentally strong and has a chance of bouncing back.

Nevertheless, the truth is I was never able to get myself to learn about Technical analysis. It was not my forte.

As we fast forward a few moons later, Covid-19 landed on our shores.

Market went crazy. It was free falling until it wasn't.

Then came the point where I realized the economy and the market is moving in totally different direction. As the divergence gets bigger, Fundamental Investors ask ourselves why is this happening? But the Trader continued with their life as usual and made lots of money.

At this point, I am almost certain knowing TA will only value-add to an Investor like me who only knows FA. 

Its like in music, where Dissonance and Consonance both exists.

Even in my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group, I also do know a few investors whom also uses TA to time and plan entry or exits. They seem to be doing well too.

I even found someone whom did achieve success in combining the 2 methods. His name was Colin Nicholson (You can read up on him here).

So with that I will probably have something planned for readers whom are interested as well.

Oh...and obviously the TA will not be done by me. It will be by Lyn.

Stay Tuned!


  1. I think it is not market moving in opposite direction, rather the stock market is always 6 months ahead of the real economy. Thank for the sharing,

    1. Yes. Stock Market is a predictor. But it could be wrong. Nevertheless, it is just different from economy and makes people wonder.


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