You Should Probably Do This Now Too!

Hi, I am back. 

I was finding inspiration from my chats with my members of the Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group. There were some but it wasn't great inspiration. So I continued to do my YouTube Videos instead.

Yes, I have a YouTube Channel. Please subscribe, like the videos and comment!

However, a recent comment stating that I was clever, made me happy enough and provided enough inspiration! Haha...

In my last 2 posts, I talked about entering STI Index or purchasing SG Blue Chips companies.

If you have done that and are scolding me because STI  ETF has fallen (from 2.531 to 2.480), please look at the US Markets - Especially those hyped up Tech stocks.

Yes, US Indexes have fallen off the cliff where climbing strongly for a while. This has change the mood in the US market - People are sharing that they are deleting their Robbinhood App in order not to see their losses/the up and down of the market. OMG?! Seriously?!

US Indexes

Honestly, if you have average down any of your holding in Singapore, it may have save you some cash from this correction.

So with the US market falling, what have I done so far?

After purchasing into my SG companies and building a big enough base for stability, I have actually did the following:

1. Relook at the US companies in my portfolio; 

2. Re-balance some of them (negligible);

3. Look at my US watchlist

4. Start Buying into new positions or averaging down.

5. Today I just release my SSB and to increase my cash holding moving forward.

Yes... So basically I have been buying into the US companies at a slow rate.

This is because there will definitely be volatility in the next few months - due to the continuous endless discussion of the stimulus package and the US elections.

That is why I believe we must be prepared for the volatility ahead. Thus, despite buying, I am also trying to increase my cash pile.

In addition, with the coronavirus yet to have a vaccine, there maybe even more volatility in 2021.

Nevertheless, Time In The Market is much better than Timing The Market

Therefore, I will continue to buy on the dip and average down for my US companies, while actively managing the cash pile.