If Only I Am More Successful...

Sometimes, I blame myself for not being successful enough. Because if you are, maybe more people will listen to you.

In Sep 2020, I put out a few post to inform people not to ignore STI ETF.

5 Sep 2020 - The Risk Of Passive Investing In ETF

8 Sep 2020 - If I Had To Choose - STI ETF or One of its Components?

If you had enter on 4 Sep, you will be sitting on around 12% gain in almost 2.5 months?

On 24 Sep 2020, I had also inform readers of my actions to purchase more US Stocks. Since then US stocks has made an amazing comeback!

On 27 Oct 2020, I also inform readers of my thoughts of using SG as a hedge to my US Stocks. I also informed them to enter slow and steady, with caution.

If any one of you had read and taken action, please comment on the post, on my FB page or just share this post.

The fact is if anyone had taken action, they will be sitting on some gains now.

But if you are in FOMO (Fear of missing out) mode, please switch out that mode and look at your cash pile. It is important to NOT BUY INTO THE MARKET DUE TO FOMO. Prepare the number of tranches you can have and then find great companies. If you want to go into any indexes, please ensure you go in tranches or dollar cost average.

On a side note, let me announced some very happy news on my portfoilo and also hopefully boost my profile a bit.

MACY - 1st purchase at US$6.030 on 6 Oct 2020. Now that it is more than US$9+. I will be closing the position. This post also goes out to the friend whom asked me about MACY - Thank you.

CRNC - If you are on my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group, you will have heard me talked about this position MANY TIMES. 1st purchase at US$53.50 on 5 Aug 2020. Now it is above US$84. This will be a position I will hold and build. Maybe I will do a YouTube video on this. 

SMSI - Similarly I mention to my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group on this purchase. 1st purchase at US$4.020 on 15 Jul 2020. Now it is above US$5.25. I will hold on to this. It is an interesting company that reminds me of the same saying I mention on MACY - Mohnish Pabrai - Heads I win, Tails I don't lose much.

ORBC - Again, I mention to my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group on this purchase. 1st purchase at US$3.820 on 19 oct 2020. Now it is above US$6.23. I studied enough in this company to understand its moat within its industry. 

So having said this - I just like to mention that "Yes I know I was lucky" for this recent bull run. But I guess I also stayed true to my strategy. In this FB Video with JR_Chai, I mentioned to him that I believe luck and discipline plays a part in every investor journey. 

I am only lucky for now. Cause unlucky times may come back to me. This is where discipline plays the part. So if you are FOMOing now, please don't. Stick to your strategy and invest with caution.

My next chat with JR_Chai will happen in the next few days. Stay tuned to our FB Pages (TUBInvesting FB Page and JR_Chai FB Page)!

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