Macy's Inc Analysis Came True?

US Stocks has been rising significantly! It was on FIRE!

Firstly Biden beat Trump. 

And then on 9 Nov 2020 -  Vaccine hope increases significantly!

Then BOOM! The US market went crazily green.

Then Macy's Inc went up significantly!

Screenshot from SeekingAlpha

Just a recap - I uploaded a YouTube Video on Recovery Stock and also my selection of Macy's Inc as a company to purchase. In the video, I also did a SWOT business analysis!

In addition, I also did a fireside chat on FB Live with JR_Chai where we chatted about the Investment Landscape and the sectors I am investing in. During this session, I also explained on my investment in Macy's Inc.

So with the sudden share price gain, can I equate that my Macy's Inc analysis was spot on? 

MAYBE. After all, without the analysis, I will not have the conviction to hold on to the company when the share price went from US$7 plus to almost US$6. 

Nevertheless, as Investors, we must stay realistic and understand luck does play a part too.

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