Back... With Updates On My Portfolio

Hello everyone, it has been a long long time since I wrote anything.

I had been restless for the last few months. In fact, over the last month, I had probably watched so much Netflix, Korean Drama and Movies that even the whole of last 2 years pales in comparison.

It seem like I am playing catch up on “what I liked to do but stopped myself from doing because I felt I am wasting time”.

Other time where I wasn’t working from home or watching drama/movies, I spent them with my daughter. Dancing, painting, going for lessons…just some father and daughter time.

It was a great rest. I don’t mind having more of such time but NOW it is probably time to contribute to the investing community again.

For a start, I did some amendment to my strategy by adding HK stocks to the mix as shown in the picture below.

My Strategy

For this article, I will be commenting and mentioning my portfolio in 3 segments – SG, HK and US.

SG portfolio

Reduced QAF by 40% holdings – Company only announced a potential 2 cents dividend for the sale of their primary production (Pig business). In their latest restated financials, the results showcase how much the earnings will have dropped from (1) a high point due to the lockdown and (2) the amount of the “remaining” earnings from the bakery business.  This may have a negative impact on future dividends since their dividends are already >100% of their earnings.

Singtel – Latest results (without detailed understanding) seem to showcase a turnaround for the company.

Keppel Corp – I have added Keppel Corp recently after the news of the Keppel Shipyard/Sembmarine merger as well as the acquisition of non-media assets of SPH.

Starhill Global – As written on my FB Page, the REIT’s FY21 dividend stand at 4 cents. Dividend Yield is at 6.6% when the share price stands at 60 cents. However, this includes (1) 0.14 cents from the release of FY19/20’s deferred distributable income as allowed under COVID-19 relief measures and (2) remaining 0.21 cents from the release of FY19/20’s deferred distributable income as allowed under COVID-19 relief measures. After removing these excess amounts, that leaves us with 3.65 cents and 6% dividend yield at 60 cents. This is reasonable enough for me.

There are still 5 other companies in SG Portfolio.

HK Portfolio

Exchange HST for 9988 and 700 – I entered into HST prior to the recent China Antitrust Crisis. But as the crisis went on, I started to review this ETF and wonder if I should switch to 9988 and 700. I eventually did that because (1) HST as an ETF will continuous be impacted by the crisis, (2) I will have more control over the movement and (3) we are unable to ensure CCP will not make changes to a specific industry, like what they did to the tutoring industry. It will be easier to manage and understand 2 companies rather than the many companies in the ETF. Furthermore, 9988 and 700 is already diversified enough within their own group. Personally, I also believe these 2 companies will recover much faster than the ETF. Thus, I went for the change and took the hit.

US Portfolio

APPS, CRNC, PLTR, FUBO (The Generals) – Other than FUBO, I have written extensively on the other 3 companies. I deem these companies as the Generals and they are my biggest US holdings. All these companies (pending PLTR) have reported great quarters. I should be (maybe?) writing individually on these companies. As for APPS, like I told many, I have been adding on the dip since they reported such great results.

GNSS – I went into this company previously and sold at a small small gain. I went into it again on 8 Jun 21 and has been continuously adding to it. The main theory is that Europe has issued an article – “By June 2022, the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) Article 110 requires all EU countries to operate a public warning system that can send geo-targeted emergency alerts to all mobile phone users located in the affected area during a natural or man-made disaster.” Thus, GNSS is bidding for 25 (excluding France and Estonia) contracts as well as each countries operator’s contract. Their main competitor is Everbridge.

CRNT – 5G is the main driver for this backhaul business. They will be releasing a system on chip set for the 5G systems around the globe.

SMSI, DAIO – I used to hold these 2 companies but sold them at a great gain. But I have added them again once their share price went down over the last few months and after I came up with the new criteria (as written in this post).

I have 4 other companies in the US portfolio companies.

If anyone is interested in any of the companies and want a write up, do comment!

With that, I will end this post.

See ya soon!


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