At Last, From to Custom Domain!

I just like to announced that I have made the move to having a Custom Domain! 

Haha... it sure took a long while before I do that. Been advised by many to make this change, but I have been delaying. Nevertheless, I wanted to be "a bit" more serious about my writing. So decided this was the time to make the changes.

However, My Google Adsense Account has not been reflecting well on this custom domain and its not showing up. If anyone can help, do comment. I read that I needed to wait 45 days and then reapply to my Google Adsense account. Hopefully things work out eventually.

Do note that I do not earn much from the Google Adsense Account. I have received very very very very little only for so many years of writing. But every cent counts right?

Anyway, there will probably more updates in the future on my plans. 

See ya!