TUB Path To 100% - May 2023

It has been some time since I last posted here, but rest assured that I have not been idle. For those who have been following my social media, you are likely aware that I recently authored a few articles on Seeking Alpha (Shared within this post). If you haven't already, I invite you to follow me on my Seeking Alpha profile.

Moving forward, my focus will be primarily on writing for Seeking Alpha, as it presents a fantastic opportunity for me to aim for the highest possible return in the shortest amount of time. However, I do plan to keep TUBInvesting alive and active. After all, it is where I began my journey.

Going forward, I will be publishing 2 articles on TUBInvesting each month as part of two new series.

The first series will be a monthly update, TUB Path To 100%. It will document my journey towards recovering back to portfolio of 100%.

The second series, TUB Assert, will feature special write-ups on companies, industries, or views that I find particularly compelling.

As always, these articles will be shared on my Twitter, Telegram Group, Facebook page, and Investing Note profile. Be sure to follow me on these platforms for regular updates.

Back to the first post of the new series, TUB Path To 100%...

In the interest of transparency, I must confess that due to the market downturn and my focus on small-cap investments, many of my holdings over the past two years have suffered significant losses. In fact, some have plummeted by as much as 80% or 90%, leaving me with only 40% of my original portfolio. I had touched ob this issue in my previous post, "My Restart: Portfolio Updates and Investment Strategies."

That being said, I am eager to document my journey as I work towards not only recovering my losses, but also exceeding 100%. It's worth noting that my strategies, views, and macro environment have shifted since my last write-up, and as a result, my portfolio has undergone some changes as well.

Without further ado, here are my current 16 holdings, ranked by target position size:

  1. APPS
  2. RICK
  3. SMTC
  4. TSLA
  5. PLTR
  6. Hock Lian Seng (SGX: J2T)
  7. MOV 
  8. GOOG
  9. Keppel Infrastructure Trust (SGX: A7RU)
  10. TDCX - New
  11. LQDT - New
  12. ValueMax Group Ltd (SGX: T6I)
  13. HUT
  14. REI
  15. EPM - New
  16. FUBO - Options Only

As compared to the last update, my cash positions currently still stand at 21%, and I have increased my Singapore listed positions from 1 to 3, with the remaining companies listed in the US. APPS remains my largest holding, comprising approximately 25% of my portfolio. Notably, big tech firms now represent only a small percentage of my holdings, with TSLA and GOOG being the only two.

I also made the decision to sell my holdings in MSFT and CMLS. With regards to MSFT, I had only held a small number of shares and decided to sell them after the stock price increased significantly. As for CMLS, I had miscalculated the impact of interest expense on the company and did not anticipate the losses they would incur in their upcoming earnings report. As a result, I made the decision to sell my position in CMLS.

I would also like to share my recent portfolio additions with you. In addition to Singapore-listed companies, I have also added the following:

  • TDCX: This is a digital customer experience solutions provider based in Singapore that caters to innovative technology and blue-chip companies. Wait for the article!
  • LQDT: I have written a detailed article about this company on Seeking Alpha titled "Liquidity Services: A Compelling Investment Despite Macro Risks".
  • EPM: This is an oil and gas exploration and production company that pays a dividend of over 7%. Wait for the article!

Finally, I would like to bring to your attention two additional articles that I have recently published and may be of interest to you.

The first article, titled "Movado Group: An Undervalued Investment Opportunity Amid Market Challenges", is about another vested position of mine in MOV.

In the second article, I take a short position view on VVI and discuss the risks and uncertainties that I believe undermine the company's promising progress. This marks my first-ever article on a short position, and I am thrilled to share my perspective with my audience.

Thus concludes this month's update for The TUB Path To 100%.

Stay tuned for TUB Assert.


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