About Me and T.U.B Investing

About Me

I am the founder of T.U.B Investing Blog and the Co-founder of Fundamental Scorecard.  

I am a full-time employee  who started investing in 2009/10 during my university days. Like many of us, I had my fair share of mistakes at the start of my investing journey. The worst time was when I used all my saving to bet on warrants, losing half of it.

It was only after reading the book, Value Investing: Tools and Technique for Intelligent Investment by James Moniter, in 2011 that I8 realise the need for a more consistent value-focus strategy. I tried reading more books, but it became apparent that the more information I gather, the more I got confused. Thus, I stopped and came up with my own way of analyising companies' financial statements by gathering key concepts from each book I read.

Subsequent investments resulted in more hits than misses, giving me the confidence to declare that I have found my unique way of investing. 

Being a risk-adverse small-lot investor, I do not believe in achieving financial freedom. This will require a huge initial capital outlay. For me, investing is mainly for passive income.

About T.U.B Investing

T.U.B used to be a logo for my profile on trading platform such as gumtree and carousell. However, I am slowly retracting back on these platforms due to the time required (still pending to clear some of the items on Carousell). Therefore, I have decided to use this logo for my investing blog instead.

T.U.B basically meant "The Unique Bunch".

"The Unique Bunch" can range from anyone who reads this blog for leisure to those that follows our style of investment strictly.

My investment methods are heavily influenced by value-investing concepts and fundamental analysis. 

The stocks I invest in consist of mainly small to mid caps. I also invest in blue chips but only when the time is right. 

Although value investing concepts should work for all kind of markets, but I have only invested in the Singapore Stock Market. Yet to find the guts or capital to venture in Overseas Market.

I started this blog to share my learnings and findings. Do not take whatever I say as right, please do your own due diligence.