Why I Started This Blog

T.U.B Investing was started to share my learning journey as well as my findings on individual stock. 
As for the stretched goal, it is to influence the non-investor to invest or at least understand what is investing.

I took a long time to finally put this idea into action due to:
1. Worried about getting criticised.
2. Wrong calls.
3. No readers.
4. Saturated Market of investment bloggers

A Seasoned Investor/Successful Blogger once told me - "I share my investment philosophy, my journey, my mistakes and my successes freely. In return, people share with me their thoughts. All of us can learn from each other. There will be unfortunate incidents from time to time. After so many years, I have gained some immunity. ;)"

This led me to think that - if I believe and trust that I am right, then I should be free of the above worries.

After all, sharing is caring.

But still - Please read T.U.B Investing with a pinch of salt and do your due diligence before following any of my calls.

If you want to know more about me and the blog, please click here.


  1. Wah , what saturated market of investment bloggers? LOL , sharing is caring , amd yes , ah boy has been reading your blog secretly till now :)

    1. Hi Ken, Thanks for reading my blog. Appreciated! Hopefully my blog will stand out as one of the Have-to-read blogs in this massive social space!


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