Eastern Holding Ltd: A miss opportunity

Eastern Holding Ltd is an investing holding firm that engages in publishing and property development activities.

It caught my eye over the last few months because of a huge stock price decrease due to a huge one time dividend that was given. Do note that the company did not give out any dividend other than this 1 time dividend.

If I remember correctly - the stock has low debt and the net current asset value was close to the stock price.

Nevertheless, even after the numerous analysis on the stock, I decided against buying the stock – Mainly due to the fact that I am unable to predict if the company will continue to give out dividend.

Anyway Christmas came early for shareholders of Eastern Holding Ltd as its majority shareholders have decide to delist the company at 42.5 cents (18% above the current price).

Sadly this is definitely a missed opportunity for me.

But as an investor all these years, I have encountered too many missed opportunities in the market (like selling SATS earlier than I should).

I have learnt to reflect and try to understand my rational at that point of time. If I am wrong, learn from it. If I continue to believe in that action, move on and not dwell on it any longer. There will always be opportunities in the market.

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