The Value Portfolio - Recent Actions and Views - Post 2

Just a Short Update on My Portfolio:

1) ISDN Holding Limited
2) Sin Ghee Huat Corporation Limited
3) PNE Industries Limited
4) Chuan Hup Holding Limited
5) LHT Holdings Limited
6) TTJ Holdings Limited
7) Accordia Golf Trust
8) Singapore Telecommunications Limited
9) Sapphire Corporation Limited
10) SEMBCorp Industries Ltd
11) Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund
12) Suntec Real Estate Inv Trust
13) Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation
14) CH Offshore Ltd
15) Maxi-Cash Financial Services Corp Ltd
16) ST Engineering Ltd

Sold M1 and SATS - As per previous post, I stated I will sell my "In-the-money" stocks at that time. What a WRONG Call - Market didn't tanked further and SATS woke up to be a bigger giant and it got into the STI index. M1 has continued to hold the ground (although more justified in my view). Nevertheless, Cash is king at this time and I will continue to look for more value investment.

Bought ST Engineering Ltd - Became an ST Engineering Ltd's shareholder recently. Got it at near the 52 week low price. In my view, engineering seems like a high margin business (But competitive) and this company has many connections with Singapore government agencies and state-own businesses. May do a write up on them soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Just 1 question -- why Sapphire?

  2. Thanks for sharing. Just 1 question -- why Sapphire?

    1. Hi, Sorry for the late reply as per normally people don't comment here. But I am very happy to see yr comment.

      Firstly - thanks for reading.

      As to why Sapphire - it is a bit of a long call without much fundamental analysis. Its only a small position in my portfolio. Anyway I bought Sapphire due to its recent change is business activities. It is buying over Ranken Infrastructure Ltd - a China railway infrastructure company in a turnaround move. Its all in its SGX Company announcement.


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