The Value Portfolio - Recent Actions and Views - Post 4

Another update on my portfolio:

1) ISDN Holding Limited + Post 2
2) Sin Ghee Huat Corporation Limited
3) PNE Industries Limited
4) Chuan Hup Holding Limited
5) LHT Holdings Limited
6) TTJ Holdings Limited
7) Accordia Golf Trust
8) Singapore Telecommunications Limited
9) Sapphire Corporation Limited
10) Suntec Real Estate Inv Trust
11) Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation
12) CH Offshore Ltd
13) Maxi-Cash Financial Services Corp Ltd
14) ST Engineering Ltd
15) Bukit Sembawang Estates Ltd + Post 2
16) PSL Holding Ltd
17) M1 Limited
18) Hock Lian Seng Holding Ltd

Delist Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund - This fund was delisted completely as stated in my post previously.

Bought PSL Holding Ltd - The company is going through restructuring and its net current asset value is significantly higher than the current price, This restructuring will be the catalyst for the future rise in price (hopefully). Take this as a punt.

Bought M1 Limited - Yes, I bought back the company I sold in Sep 2015. This is just the contrarian thought I had when the stock price keep going down. After reading a few articles of the 4th Telco, it seems that the effect of the 4th Telco will only take effect in another 2 or 3 years time and a maximum loss of revenue could only be 10% to 15%. I believe M1 is taking action to change its revenue stream as it seems to be divesting overseas slowly.  

Bought Hock Lian Seng Holding Ltd - Construction is a bad industry to be in now. But Hock Lian Seng is the gem in this industry now. A lot of Cash, high order book of civil project, consistently high profit margin and its property development project is still being sold well. Had it previously as it stayed stagnent. Decided to buy them again lately. Bought it slightly before its 3rd Quarter announcement. Maybe will write an in-depth article on it in future.

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