FINAL Update In My Strategy

What is happening in the market next - How will I know?

Read the post here and here on my previous view of my strategy.

STI has failed to break the 2500 points on Friday and instead rises 44.39 points to 2577.09 points.

Some said this is due to the announcement of QE by China and Europe. Others said that it is because the market is oversold. There are also people saying QE is poison and that the economy is still in dire state.

One of my friend even stated - "Do you know that Hang Seng Index is trading below its Net Asset Value?" (Read here) Then again, isn't Asset Value self-determined too?

It is so confusing.

So I have decided - Why bother thinking what the market is thinking? Lets not waste our brain cells.

I will just look for stocks that pass Triple S Scorecard.

Because stocks that pass Triple S Scorecard are good companies that should be able to endure any downturn.

And Yes - No more changes in the strategy.


  1. If you try to look at some HSI blue chip index stocks, you'll be surprised to find a lot will qualify your triple S scorecard than if you just focus on the STI stocks.

    1. Totally agree. But previously with the scandals with in Hong Kong due to the China companies, I became a bit skeptical. Furthermore, I have no experience from investing in overseas companies (which I may touch base on soon..maybe later of the year). And I don't really understand all the fees relating to overseas stocks transactions, plus its in custody - which in my view I prefer to keep it in CDP. haha... traditional view.


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