Triple S Scorecard Online Course - A Collaboration with Stockflock

At last, it is done and loaded online.

As many of you have read, I am busy doing up an online course for the Triple S Scorecard. This online course is mainly for people to understand how the Triple S Scorecard works and eventually make the Triple S Scorecard - their own.

(If you have yet to get a Triple S Scorecard, email me at It's free.)

This online course is a collaboration with Stockflock. I have known the founder for some time and have used Stockflock since its inception. It allows comparison of stocks directly in graphs and charts. It has been very useful for me when I want to find companies to compare across the same industry.

Here is a post from Dollars and Sense that explains much more in detail on the usage of the website. This is free!

Since October last year, Stockflock has launched a paid service - The Stockflock Concierge. I have been using this service since it has been launched and it has helped me greatly as well. In simple explanation, this service allows me to select up to 20 stocks and it will provide me the news from SGX Annoucements, AK Blogs, The Edge and many other sources. It saves a lot of my time for just a small fee per month! (Heard it is at $5 per month now!).

Here is a post written by the founder in AK Blog on the Stockflock Concierge.

So back to the Online Course...

If any of you who has requested the Triple S Scorecard from me and is interested to know more about the usage of the Triple S Scorecard, please do sign up for this Online Course.

The Online Course will be price at $38 and anyone who sign up for the Online Course will be entitled to:
1. The Triple S Scorecard (if you still do not have...)
2. Access to the Triple S Scorecard Online Course (via the Stockflock website).
3. A Simple Tracking Excel Spreadsheet for you portfolio (Only for those who sign up will have this!)
4. 3 Months of Stockflock Concierge FREE! (After you sign up for the course, we will provide you a promo code specially for this course).
5. Review of 1 Stock with you - to ensure you used Triple S Scorecard correctly (Preferably a Singapore Stock).
6. Contact me via T.U.B Investing Facebook Page Messenger Anytime! (You still can do that now...Just contact me if you want to!)

Contact me via the T.U.B Investing Facebook Page Messenger or email me at if you require more information on Triple S Scorecard or the Online Course.

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