My Strategy In A Bear Market - Update

You may have read about my strategy for the bear market in this post.

This is just a short update.

After looking at the STI free falling till 2559 today, I decided to enhanced my strategy.

I will only start buying stocks once (1) STI falls below 2500 and (2) the company must pass my Triple S Scorecard.

Previously I stated I will still buy quality stocks that pass the Triple S Scorecard in the meantime, and blue chips will only be bought when STI falls below 2500.

Now it's a combination of both.

This meant that I will be using the Triple S Scorecard for blue chips as well, which I have always stated that I should not do it as it may not work.

However, at this point of time when everything looked so cheap, its only important that you picked the right company. Thus the enhancement in my strategy.

This also meant that I will definitely miss out on the REITs and Trusts Stocks.

I guess this is alright in view of the number of bargains available at the moment.

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