The Value Portfolio - Recent Actions and Views - Post 6

Before I provide any update on my portfolio, I just want to apologized to my readers.

I really felt that my last post about the "entry prices" or even the last few posts about "my strategy" is a bit  "rubbish" as I seem to rush though it. I seem to be caught in volatility of the recent stock market turmoil and didn't think too clearly about what I should be writing about.

As stated before, I want to write my view on each company and allow readers to understand how the usage of Triple S Scorecard will help you as an individual retail investor.

Thus, I will try to stay "focus" for my future posts.

So now back to the main topic - my portfolio is still down an average of about 10%. Hopefully you are performing better than me.

The following stocks are in my portfolio:

1) ISDN Holding Limited
2) Sin Ghee Huat Corporation Limited
3) PNE Industries Limited
4) Chuan Hup Holding Limited
5) LHT Holdings Limited
6) TTJ Holdings Limited
7) Accordia Golf Trust
8) Singapore Telecommunications Limited
9) Sapphire Corporation Limited
10) Suntec Real Estate Inv Trust
11) Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation
12) CH Offshore Ltd
13) Maxi-Cash Financial Services Corp Ltd
14) ST Engineering Ltd
15) Bukit Sembawang Estates Ltd 
16) PSL Holding Ltd
17) M1 Limited
18) Hock Lian Seng Holding Ltd
19) Fischer Tech Ltd
20) Keppel Corporation Ltd

Sold United Industrial Corporation Ltd - Bought at 2.810 on 8th Dec and Sold at 3.050 on 6th Jan. I saw the sudden and significant rise in price in January and decide to sell off all my lot. This may seem like a trade but I felt it was time to sell in this volatility period. In addition, I want to increase my liquidity. Nevertheless, I maybe able to buy at a lower price in future during this volatile period.

Bought Fischer Tech Ltd - A value stock that I will write in future. But I only managed 200 shares. Damn SGX, why change 1 lot from 1000 shares to 100 shares?

Bought Keppel Corporation Ltd - This was a punt. The price was really going too low. Only bought 400 shares thought. Will decide on whether to add more when I did a more detailed analysis.

*Maxi-Cash Financial Services Corp Ltd - This was the "remains" of an actual purchase I made long long time ago. I actually made a purchase during its IPO period and sold many many months ago. Then I realized I have 700 shares remaining in my CDP account (must have been some bonus shares or split) and its worth about $64.80 now. Hm... selling them will lose $25 (commission fee)... Thus its still in my portfolio. I doubt I will write about it as I really don't like this stock.

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  1. Hello! Just a curious question. Is there any "theme" to your entire portfolio? As in diversified risks or industries?

    With just 6 stocks under my belt, I feel like I have too much to handle already. Admittedly my capital should be much smaller. :]

    1. Hi Seeking Private Returns,

      For me, its mainly value investing. But as you can see from my portfolio, its too mixed up. Basically, I tried to buy small cap to mid cap that pass my triple S scorecard and then Blue Chips if its dropped a bit too much.

      Portfolio Breakdown:
      50% Value Stocks (pass my triple s scorecard), 30% Blue Chips (Singtel, M1, etc), 10% (Dividend Yield + others), The rest are cash.

      I read your portfolio and realize you could be better than me, with a multi bagger. Haha. Keep up the good work.



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