As The Brexit Drama Unfolds...

While everyone is busy with talking about Brexit, I have been focusing on the other “Brexit” in the Euro 2016.

(England, Wales, Rep of Ireland and North Ireland are in the Euro 2016.)

I guess Euro 2016 came at the right time, keeping my mind off the stocks. For this month, I didn’t even bother about how my stocks move (although occasionally, I still look at each stock update on a weekly basis).

But looking at the recent focus on Brexit, I will like to give you my two cents worth on this issue.

In my opinion, it didn't matter if Britain exit or remain in the Euro Zone because if you have confidence in the fundamentals of your stocks and are in for the long haul, you should not worry. Everything will most probably revert back to status quo again once Britain sort of the consequences of its decision on 23 Jun 2016.

However, if you can’t sleep at night because of the way you trade/invest, then regardless of the decision of Britain, you will still have a bad sleep. Find out the root case of your "insomnia" - change the way you trade/invest if necessary.

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However, as of now till maybe 1 week after the decision of Britain, the share market will be very volatile and buying opportunities may arise – Just remember buy low and sell high.

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