TTJ Holdings Ltd - Another Great Quarter

TTJ Holdings Ltd has just released their third quarter financials for 2016 and it was a pleasant surprise.

Revenue jumped 61% and Net Profit jumped 138%. These figures were amazing for a construction firm in this kind of economy.

I have always been emphasizing how awesome this company is and you can read it here. It remains one of the stock that passed the Triple S Scorecard and the enhanced Triple S Scorecard at the time when I invested in it. Now, with its latest financials, TTJ Holdings Ltd still continues to pass the enhanced Triple S Scorecard with flying colours.

Based on the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard:

I will not be talking about why it is so great as I have already stated in the previous posts. Additional pointers can be found from the discussion in valuebuddies.

What are still the question marks? 

The 2 questions of whether the company is able to keep up with the dividend and the future of its "Cash Cow" dormitory remains. 

In Short

I have previously stated that during the low point of $0.255, it was a good time to buy and hold. However, the share price has already rise to $0,340. Although, at this price, the stock will still pass the enhanced Triple S Scorecard, but I believe the economy is not in the best state and there will still be a time when the price is right and much lower.

Current Price: $0.340 as of 12 June 2016.

Please do your own due diligence before you invest in this stock.

Do note the author is vested in this stock/company at $0.325.

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  1. Very nice pick. I spotted this stock during my scan over the weekend too. My concern was their order book is dropping and they have not won any contracts recently

    1. Hi Wilson,

      I agree with you on reduction of their order book and it does post as a concern.

      However, I remember a stock which I sold previously, Hock Lian Seng Ltd. The decision to sell at that point the price is hovering flat and order book was dropping. Furthermore, it suddenly went into property development.

      Worried I sold at 0.270. Then I watched it climbed up to 0.400.

      It was a decision I regretted.

      The lesson I learn here is that if the management doesn't change, the culture in the firm will not change.

      So if the management of TTJ did not change, I don't think we will need to worry so much about the order book dropping.

      The management will definitely find a way to increase the order book eventually - especially when it releases its end year financial report.



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