My 1st Post of 2017

I will just like to apologize for the lack of post for the last 2 weeks.

Other than taking the holiday breaks, I am busy learning about US Stock Market. As I have emphasized so many times, I intend to invest in the US Stock Market in the very near future.
Many will ask why will I invest in the US Stock Market now, when Dow Jones Index is at all time high?

There are 2 reasons.

Firstly I want to have some distraction off Singapore Stock Market, I want to be less active in buying and selling in the Singapore Stock Market. I believe this will help in my goal of attaining a capital gain of 10% eventually at the end of 2017.

To explain further, there was a period I was so busy that I ignore the Singapore Stock Market for about 6 months. At the end of 6 months, I realised my portfolio rise more than 20%. Therefore, I believe I need some distraction to take my eyes of Singapore Stock Market and the value portfolio will need some time to be "found out".

Secondly, my friends and I believe there will be opportunity in the US Stock Market after Donald Trump take office. Furthermore, if you realise the Economic Advisory Council or Strategic and Policy Forum formed by Donald Trump, it is formed by major corporations' CEO. Thus, we can be assured these CEO will want to do something for their industry and even their own companies.

So when I started reviewing 2 to 3 weeks ago, I felt there is just so much to learn. 

Firstly, the number of stocks in the US Stock Market is like 10 times the amount in Singapore Stock Market.

Secondly, there are so many different stock exchange in US. You have to make sure the stocks are not OTC or for the Grey market. In addition, Nasdaq has a minimum $1 rule - Yet to even know the details of this rule.

As for value stocks in the US Stock Market, their share price will be "realise" faster than a counter in Singapore due to the numerous value investors and funds in the country. Thus, it is quite hard to find value stocks in the US Stock Market. Therefore, there is a need to really learn about the company business to see if they are worth premium amount.

In addition, there is another point about Institutional Investors. Up till now, I still do not know whether it is better for a company to have more or less Insider ownership or Institutional ownership?

Anyway I have tried to create an Enhanced Triple S Scorecard for US Stock Market. But it was done in vain. Till now, I am still unable to find a true value stock in the US Stock Market.

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  1. it looks like there's a pretty intensive list of read up you have to do!
    All the best bro!

    1. Hi Clive,

      Thanks for commenting!

      Yup, there is a lot to learn and read. But its all fun!



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