I want to help.

This is supposed to be a post on the part 3 of the review of Singapore Construction Industry. But I came across this 2 articles and felt I had to write about it.

Why did people still fall for these scams?

A conclusion I came across is that because these scheme was proposed to the potential investors as a "guaranteed return" proposal and people are seduced by the high returns.

Another reason I came up with is these people do not have experience with other investment and are seduced by these "professionals". 

My view is that if you have experience with investment such as shares investment, you will not be interested in these schemes. Thus, I decide I should try to do something about it.
  1. I was thinking of re-starting a Super Scorecard workshop. But other than just teaching people to fish, I will also want to place the fish on the participant's plate. Basically during the workshop, I want to try to work with participants to decide on what to invest using the Super Scorecards and fundamental analysis.
  2. Another thought I have is to have an ETF fund that allows people to participate in or start my own fund. But I believe I will need to be registered to help people in this way. Thus this should be hard.
So what do you think of the above ways? Do you have other suggestion to help others?

Anyway, here is the writeup of my Contrarian Approach talk with InvestingNote and I really appreciate everyone who turn up.

For those who is interested in Super Scorecard, do read up on the Launch of T.U.B Circle. If you are interested to sign up, feel free to contact me.

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