Review Of Value Momentum Workshop

I went together with Simple Investor for Heartland Boy's seminar on 21 Nov 2017 evening. 

I was interested in his investment theory – Value Momentum. After all, he had a picked a few exceptional winners over the last 3 years.

Before I continue, I just want to say that I did met Heartland Boy at the Invest Idol competition previously. Although both of us did not make it to the final, he did left an impression on me. I am not sure if his theory started then, but at that time, I already felt that “this guy do know his stuff”. Eventually, at this seminar, he continue to show me that he does know his stuff WELL!

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The seminar started with Heartland Boy explaining he is a self-taught investor and his “Value Momentum” theory basically came about from reading Adam Khoo’s Winning The Game Of Stocks. In his words, this theory was basically 80% fundamental analysis (FA) and 20% technical analysis (TA).

This was the first time I heard about a combination like this and I was intrigued.

Throughout the seminar, Heartland Boy explains in detail about the 8 criteria he used. The first 7 of them being FA related and the last one is TA related (Read his post here and here to understand better).

His FA theory made sense and there was similarities to what Simple Investor did on the Full Analysis Scorecard as well as what I did towards my Ultimate Scorecard.

The main difference was the TA portion and what he said made sense too! It made me wonder if I should include TA as a portion towards my Ultimate Scorecard.

Furthermore, he also went on to explain when to sell and this is something I believe I have to start learning. This year have been bullish and I believe I was able to sell at a good price for most of my counters.

Throughout the event, Heartland Boy was able to articulate precisely and clearly what he wanted to share. He was also able to came out with Singapore counters examples which many of us are able to relate to.

Finally during the Q&A session, Heartland Boy also took his time to answer every single question even for those that are not related to his seminar.

Overall, it was a good seminar and I believe I learnt quite a lot that evening.

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  1. Hi, when looking at MAs, i notice very different slopes and results when viewing on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly intervals. I am confused as to which intervals and time frame to use when looking at the MAs. Would appreciate some advice on this. thanks!

    1. Hi,

      Sorry, I do not use Value Momentum. This is just a review of the workshop it self.

      My method is mainly Fundamental Scorecard ( which do not take into account of MAs.

      Hope that explains.



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