What's Up For T.U.B Investing 2018?

As 2017 come to a close, what can readers of T.U.B Investing look forward to in 2018?

1. Stretch Target of 30% Gain for My Portfolio

In my last post, I stated that I have my overall target for 2018 is 15% target gain. But after a few days, I decide to give myself a challenge. I decided to have a stretch target of an overall gain of 30% in 2018. HUAT Ar!

2. "Ask Us Anything" Meet and Greet Session

While Youtubers have meet and greet, I was thinking if it was possible for financial bloggers to do the same and "why will readers want to meet us?". Nevertheless, Simple Investor and I have decided that in 2018, we will be doing "Ask Us Anything" Meet and Greet Sessions throughout 2018.

Basically we will just stay at a open location (maybe a food court), and if anyone who is interested to ask us anything, do come and find us!

3. A Very Special Workshop

In 2018, Simple Investor and I will also be conducting a very special workshop. It will not be a "sit there and listen" kind of seminar. It will be a very interactive and full of discussion kind of workshop.

This workshop will be in March 2018. If you are interested, do look out for it.

4. Understand More About Investing Fundamentally

In 2018, I hope more people will look towards investing more fundamentally, especially when the market is at a high. Be cautious when you place your purchase!

Eventually I also hope more people will sign up for Fundamental Scorecard Website. It is a website to start to understand about investing fundamentally.

That's all!

Lets' look forward to a prosperous 2018!

If you are interested to know more about The Ultimate Scorecard or Full Analysis, do visit the Fundamental Scorecard website for more information! Do sign up to get the latest scorecard of all the SGX counters now!

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