Review of the Counters I Wrote in 2017

As a blogger, I like to write about my analysis to keep track of what I thought of the counter previously and if the situation have change now. Therefore, I decided to do a general review on all the counters that I wrote in 2017 for this post.

I believe I will be able to pick up some factors that I could improve on next year so that I can eventually make more gains!

*Do note that I will only be doing a review on counters I wrote a full post on. Those that had more than 1 counters in the post will not be tagged in this review.

*Click on the date to refer back to the old posts.

Counter 1: Bukit Sembawang Estates Ltd (23 Jan 2017)

This first article in 2017 is a counter I have been vested since 2016. Bukit Sembawang Estates Ltd is a major property giant with a huge land bank. While all the property firms are busy participating in the current en-bloc frenzy, the company do not need to do anything due to its huge land bank.

Decisions In 2018

I really like Bukit Sembawang Estates Ltd for its fundamentals and consistent 33 cents per year dividend. I will definitely continue to stay vested in them in 2018 unless the dividend amount changes.

Then again, if the dividend drops in the up and coming financial year 2018, the share price will definitely follows. Then I will have to determine at that moment if it is more advantageous to average down or sell all.

Counter 2: Singhaiyi Group Ltd (25 Jan 1727 Jan 2017, 4 Oct 2017)

I had actually wrote 3 articles on Singhaiyi Group Ltd in 2017. During the first 2 articles, I believe I made a great call and Congrats to those that followed!

Even after I divested fully in February, I continued to track the counter. I always felt the company will be much bigger in the next financial year, but I do have some concerns over its management.

In April, I invested on Singhaiyi Group Ltd again, mostly because it reported a much better net profit.

However, in October, I had a realization that the management did not made certain announcements which I deem to be significant. Thus, I divested fully at a small loss based on the 2nd transacted share price.

Decisions In 2018

Even when I believed that 2018 will be great for them, I will continue to ignore them.

Counter 3: Ocean Sky International Ltd (2Feb 2017, 3 Oct 2017)

I purchase Ocean Sky International Ltd after it change its core business from clothes manufacturing to construction. In the first few months of holding the counter, I kept having doubts whether this counter's share price can really rise up, especially after it announces its 1st full year results after it changes its business model.

However, things happened. The JV with Tiong Seng Holdings Ltd resulted in various purchases for re-development and the share price flew!

I have since sold off all my holdings in this counter.

Decisions In 2018

I do not think Ocean Sky International Ltd has the ability to support all its property re-development plans. I believe there will be a possible rights issue or a drop in share price due to weakening of its finances (if it took on significant bank loans). I will only reconsider to purchase Ocean Sky International Ltd if the share price drops significantly.

Counter 4: Captii Limited (25 Feb 2017)

I have been owning Captii Limited since Sep 2016. But the interesting thing is that I seldom see anyone writing about this counter. One of the reasons could be that it only has 31 million shares and I am still waiting for the day it does a share split. 

Nevertheless, it is important that Captii Limited start to explain its future growth plans. If not, I foresee that its core business will not be able to support them in the long term.

Decisions In 2018

I will continue to hold this counter till Captii Limited release its 2017 full year results. 

Counter 5: Samudera Shipping Line Ltd (19 Mar 2017)

Samudera Shipping Line Ltd is the counter I will have said "Why I did not hold on to this counter longer?" 

I purchase this counter in March based on various reasons in the post. But I lack the conviction to hold on to it longer due to the various "noises" I heard. This resulted in me selling off all my holdings in July at a slight loss.

Decisions In 2018

I am ignoring it for now unless it drops significantly.

Counter 6: Falcon Energy Group Limited (30 Mar 2017)

The purchase of Falcon Energy Group Limited is mainly due to its hidden asset in the property sectors. Nevertheless, I quickly sold off all my holdings within 5 days of holding it due to its significant rise in share price.

Decisions In 2018

Despite oil prices recovering slightly, I believe the counter and the industry has been in too much trouble to even consider right now.

Counter 7: Japan Food Holdings Ltd (6 Apr2017)

After I written about Japan Food Holdings Ltd, the amazing thing is KGI securities also provided an initiation report. This resulted in the share price to rising till $0.495 - its current 52 weeks high share price in 2017. I did not sell any of my holdings despite the sharp price increment. This is because I purchase this counter for its stable business and stability in dividend yield.

Decisions In 2018

I will continue to hold on to this counter and believe its share price will continue to stabilize around the region of 40 cents to 45 cents in 2018, unless any major catalyst occurs. 

Counter 8: TTJ Holdings Ltd (3 Jun 2017)

TTJ Holdings Ltd was once a darling of my portfolio, especially when it was giving out extremely generous dividend. After a series of events (such as losing the chance to continue to manage the dormitory, reduction in order book as well as moving into PPVC), I decided to sell off all the holdings.

The main reason is that if I intend to invest in a PPVC company, I will have preferred Tiong Seng Holding Ltd. Furthermore, I believe TTJ Holdings Ltd will require significant capital expenditure in the future and the generous dividend will be reduced subsequently.

The main positive factor is that 72% of the shares are owned by the chairman/MD, Mr Teo Hock Chwee. This will add stability to the counter's share price.

Decisions In 2018

This counter will always be in my watchlist. I will wait for the day it passes the Ultimate Scorecard.

Counter 9: Secura Group Ltd (23 July 2017)

I will describe Secura Group Ltd as the major mistake I made in 2017. I have already divested and made 30% losses!

Decisions In 2018

Lesson learnt is to ignore any Peter Lim's Counter.

Counter 10: Ellipsiz Ltd (21 Aug 2017)

Ellipsiz Ltd is one of the amazing multi-bagger I had. I purchase this counter at $0.300 in March 2016 and I have never looked back. The significant rise in share price of this counter will definitely be one of the highlights this year.

Nevertheless, with all the major changes (Sold off one of its core business that is giving high profit margin) and unknown direction of its remaining business, I decided to sell off all my holdings in return to locking in my gains and holding more cash.

Decisions In 2018

I believe its share price will drop in 2018. Depending on its future plans, I may look to re-enter this counter again.

Counter 11: Tiong Seng Holdings Ltd (14 Sep2017)

I purchase Tiong Seng Holdings Ltd in Feb 2017 for $0.230. The main reasons for purchasing the counter was that it passes the Ultimate Scorecard via the alternative methods and it's focus on technology when it comes to construction business. The company's continuous share buyback has also been a good bonus.

But the construction industry is super competitive and its significant liabilities can be seem as negative as well.

Decisions In 2018

I missed the chance to sell off my holdings when the counter's share price went above 40 cents. As of now, I will most probably hold on to them as my reasoning are still intact.

Counter 12: Challenger Technologies Limited (1 Nov 2017)

Challenger Technologies Limited is a recent counter that I bought in October and a lot of people disagree with. Nevertheless, the counter did passed the Ultimate Scorecard and I continue to hold on to it.

Decisions In 2018

I will hold on to it till at least end of January 2018 - the 4 months period for counters that passed the Ultimate Scorecard.

Counter 13: Trendlines Group Ltd (8 Nov 2017)

50 cents! 50 cents! 50 cents! As I have declared on InvestingNote, I am keeping this counter as a long term theory counter.

Decisions In 2018

I will continue to hold on to this counter. Nevertheless, I will keep a core holdings and trade the remaining holdings along the way to reduce my average share price.

Counter 14: Colex Holding Ltd (19 Nov 2017)

Colex Holding Ltd is another counter I bought recently in November mainly due to its business model, and its ability to passed the Full Analysis Scorecard and the Ultimate Scorecard.

Decisions In 2018

Similarly, I will at least hold on to the counter till the end of March 2018 - the 4 months period for counters that passed the Ultimate Scorecard.

In Short

This exercise allowed me to have a clearer direction of what I should do to each of the counter stated above.

Nevertheless, I also believe one should be flexible as we should always "expect the unexpected". Mr Market is unpredictable. We should be ready to act at all times.

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