I Am A Financial Blogger

This is another short post and it is more of a personal matter/opinion.

Nowadays, if people contact me on LinkedIn or if I went for a chat on a new role, I am very upfront in telling them that "I am a financial blogger and I will like to continue writing".

However, I realised this has become a deterrence for me to proceed further with the chat or with the people who contacted me on LinkedIn.

I can sort of understand why people prefer not to hire bloggers - Because they do not know what we will eventually write about and whether we will be revealing any insider's news on our blog.

For my current employer, I am not sure if they knew that I am a blogger. However, I did not reveal this at the initial chat because I just started blogger for about 1 year then.

But now that I appear in public for some of the seminars, I believe I should be upfront about this hobby of mine.

Nevertheless, it seems like this form of honesty and integrity has not much value at all.

Anyway now it is time to go back to The World Cup!

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  1. May be eating snake during office hours. Which bosses like to hire them?

    1. Hi,

      Why are we eating snake during office hours?



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