All Other Big Ideas

Before I start introducing my other big ideas, I like to first say thank you to SGX for inviting me to their Mid-Year appreciation dinner. It was really an honor to be there with many other established bloggers.

During dinner, they introduce that SGX Gateway will be quite interesting in the 2nd half of the year. Lets' look forward to it!

Furthermore, I also like to thanks my readers who had liked my Facebook Page. It has now reached more than 1,000 likes! Really Appreciated!

Now back to the main topic... 

It is time to introduce my other big ideas. The reason why I decided to talk about my remaining big ideas, because I will be revealing my portfolio updates in the next post and everyone will know all the companies in my portfolio. Thus, this will be a "touch and go" post on the remaining Big Ideas.

Big Idea 5 - This idea can reveal in a picture.

Big Idea 6 - This idea has been written by Stock Research Asia recently. The positives of this company have been elaborated in a few posts by them. Do read them up!

Big Idea 7 - This idea has been discussed significantly on InvestingNote. There are a few posts written by the InvestingNote community which are already very indepth. If you read these posts (Post 1, Post 2), it could renew your faith in this company with significant moat.

Big Idea 8 - This idea was previously reveal on my Facebook Page. Look for this post to find out more about the company!

In Short

Currently, all these 8 Big Ideas contributed to almost 62% of my portfolio. 4 of them are in green, while another 4 are red. I will most probably elaborate more on some of these Big Ideas in the future posts.

If you have any thoughts on the Big Ideas above, do comment on any of the platform I am on!

Please do your own due diligence before you invest this counter (if you knew what it is).

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